Sunday, 23 December 2012

Xmas Visitors

Here are a selection of visitors who are staying with us over the Festive Period. Some are only here for a few days, and others for a couple of weeks. Suffice to say they are all in fine fettle and doing well. 

Henry John & Emmie

Henry John & Emmie
 Henry John and Emmie are quite a new partnership, but are very together already and are never far from each others side.
 Dunky is an old friend who we did not expect to see again, as her owners had moved form the area, but they could not find indoor accommodation near their new home, so we are glad to see her back here at Blackberry Boarding.
Poppy & Oscar
 Poppy and Oscar are also old friends and are with us whilst their owner is running 12 half marathons over the 12 Days Of Christmas for charity and can be sponsored by following this link 

 Suzie and Smudge have the same owners as HJ & Emmie, but they live indoors, although we put them out on the patio for a run today as it is so mild.

Oscar & Poppy

 Daisy is a single rabbit with a very nice temperament and is very friendly. She loves to take an interest when we are doing the cleaning and getting involved.

 Cuddley is a large New Zealand White rabbit. She has taken a day to settle in but likes having her head scritched and is very fond of her food. I'm sure she will be fine after a few days in bunny camp.
Finally we have Gunther the Guinea Pig. He has a fantastic personality and is always chatting away and squeaking. He loves attention, and also jumping around in his cage and on top of his plastic igloo. A real character!!

We will continue to post more photos over the next few days of all our furry and feathery friends as they come and go.

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