Sunday, 27 October 2013

Half Term Holiday Visitors

Here we have a selection of of guests who are staying with us over the half term holiday.  All have settled very well and we have made sure they are all snug and safe in their hutches tonight with the storm approaching.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Fudge & Squeak

Two more cute pigs who checked in this week are both settled well and fighting over the igloos, all quite normal for these two, they have one each but of course both wants the other ones!  We even gave them 2 the same colour but obviously they feel one has better than the other!

Winnie Rory & Macy

Here we have Winnie, Rory & Macy who have been staying this week and all of them are very vocal when it comes to tea time and it lovely to hear them wheaking away when they here the fridge door open.  All are well and even little Winnie is tucking in and seems to be so much better following her recent illness.  Macy checked in for a little hair cut and she is worry her bottom looks a bit obvious now but we assured her the hair will soon grow back!!


Nibbles arrived today and it lovely to see him again and looking so well.  Nibbles will be staying with us for a few weeks and he loves exploring our bunny playroom.  Here he is settling in.


Buttons is having quite a long holiday this time with us but she is very well and enjoying her stay with us. Here she is doing what she does best relaxing and snoozing.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Cute Pigs Winnie Macy & Rory

Here we have Winnie, Macy and Rory who  are all very cute pigs.  Winnie has not been very well recently but is picking up now.  She still has some daily meds and here she is enjoying them!!  Actually she is a very good patient and apart from the odd paw coming up to flick the syringe away she takes them very well.  We wish her a speedy recover.  All three have settle very well and here they are tucking into their breakfast.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Theo Makes Friends with Florence

Theo decided to make friends with our rabbit Florence, quite strange as it might seem, they were very interested in each other but there was no signs of either of them being scared. Florence we would have to say does tend to try and make friends with quite a few of our boarders however, this is a first, a tortoise friend!  She is a house rabbit and tends to wander around seeing who has come in and who is likely to be friends with her.  We think Theo was more intrigued with her furry appearance.

Buddy & Lola

We have special guests just for the weekend, Buddy & Lola have settled very well and here they are playing in our bunny play room.  They are off home tomorrow and this has just been a short stay but it was lovely to see them again.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Theo has also been staying for a week and will be here for a bit longer and has also settled in very well. Theo likes to wander around our kitchen and hallway and usually finds a place to settled down to sleep.  A very friendly tortoise and enjoys his food.  Photos to follow on Theo.


Buttons came in yesterday and already she is quite settled in her usual hutch which she stays in during her holiday.  She loves investigating out on our patio area and although for part of the or maybe most of the day likes to snooze she also likes the freedom of coming out when she wants to stretch her legs and say hello to the other bunnies on the garden opposite.