Saturday, 27 November 2010

Valentino Chill Time

Just in case any of you had forgotten what our boy looks like and what he does best here he is relaxing, which is really a big part of his day!

Our vet has told us to keep an eye on his weight and although he has lost a bit of weight from 5.8 kg to 5.49 kg we do keep an eye on his treats to ensure he doesn't reach 6.0 kg which means Weight Watchers for Tino.  This photo unfortunately doesn't do him any favours and does make him look quite a chunky boy.  The French Lops, are by nature very lazy and happy to do nothing, which we have to say is his favourite activity!  However, on the plus side it does make him a very cuddly rabbit which we love.  If a fat rabbit turns up in bunny camp, I usually tell the owners off, in a polite way of course and lock Tino in a cupboard!!!  Seriously, if he does put on any more weight he will be on a diet but at the moment our vet has said he is fine.

Naboo & Poppy

We have heard from Naboo & Poppy's owners recently with theirs news and of course asking how their babies are doing.  Both buns are great and now winter is here are enjoying being in the warm and  keeping cosy.  We took a few pics earlier and as you can see they both look very relaxed.  Poppy may have gained a little bit of weight, we are going to weigh them later to check.  As usual they are still playing their chase/escape games and the other evening when I went upstairs I found Naboo exploring in the back bedroom and Poppy in our en suite bathroom, bless them, my fault, I forgot to fasten the gate properly.  However, when there is a chance for an adventure they are off.   The same happened today , when we were settling Timmy in and I was talking to his owner, the next thing Naboo is off along the landing.  Its quite funny really but they are very good and never make any mess, so we kind of humour them.

Flying Visit From Timmy Gin

Timmy is with us for a pit stop whilst his owners go to Devon for a two day break to see their family.  Timmy is looking much better and now managing to eat a lot of his food on own.  He is down to one feed of critical care a day now and appears to be coping very well.  We are pleased that he is now on the road to recovery.

Donny & Fern

Donny & Fern decided it was too cold to play out side, they are older buns and both seem very happy to snooze for most of the day.  We gave they a treat stick last night and it was gone in no time at all.  They are staying with us for a long weekend and are due to go home Sunday providing we have no big snow falls and their owners can get back from Cornwall.

Dexter & Saffy Venture Outside

We have been experiencing some very cold weather and the house buns are not always up for a run out during their room clean.  However, Dexter seemed to love dashing around and Saffy seemed to quite enjoy herself as well.  We have noticed that our six biggies who live out doors seem to prefer to sit in their runs, on the cold concrete rather than in their warm hutches, mad things!.  We have to physically shut them in at night or we are sure they would sit out doors all night.  Both Dex and Saffy seemed pleased to come back in and then spent the afternoon snoozing until it was tea time. 

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Poppy & Oscar Playtime

We have had a pretty rubbish week weatherwise and these two buns were pleased to get out today to have a bit of playtime.  As you can see Oscar was interested to see if he could get over the top and Poppy was investigating everything.  We gave them a large box of hay to jump in and out of and they seem pretty content.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Poppy and Oscar

Here are Poppy and Oscar who are with us until Monday of next week. They are living in our dining room, with Valentino and Florence for company. They are quite a lively pair and spend a lot of time chewing their new grass tunnel and chasing each other around. 
They have spent some outside in a run on the patio when the weather has permitted, but today is very wet and blustery, so they may have to stay indoors.

Monday, 1 November 2010


Here is Valentino relaxing  underneath the Christmas Tree last year but we just wanted to remind everyone that if you do need our help over the Xmas period please let us know as soon as possible.  We do already have quite a few guests booked in to spend Christmas with us. As this is a busy time for us and we would not want you to be disappointed, so it is best to book early.

Valentino Chill Time

If anyone knows how to relaxs its Valentino and he continues to demonstrate this by not only sitting in one of our leather chairs but ON A CUSHION! But we love him and of course he is allowed to do whatever he wants!

Naboo Chillaxes

Naboo & Poppy are both well and have had quite a few extra friends staying this last week as it has been half term and we have been very busy.  Everyone has gone home now apart from the four piggies we posted earlier.  You can see from Naboo relaxing here that he really wasn't phased at all by the extra furry faces in bunny camp.  Poppy of course was not bothered one tiny bit so long as her breakfast and tea arrived on time.  Although looking at the pics, Naboo is looking a bit rounder and Poppy a slim girl, think we shall have to get the scales out tomorrow for a weighing session.

Bobbit & Bea

Bobbit & Bea have been outside today playing and we caught some funny shots of them peaking out of their tunnel.  Both are very friendly buns and little Bea is so cute, she is getting lots of cuddles.  Bobbit is now more confident with us and will come for treats and also loves his cuddles.

A Plethora of Piggies



We have some old friends in camp this week. Rory, Bingo, Wooley and Winnie guinea pig were with us during the Summer and are back with us once again.
Last time they were out in our big shed in the garden, but due to the recent cold weather we have them in our upstairs bedroom, where they can be kept quite cosy.