Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Dexter & Saffy - Bonding Continues

Both Dexter and Saffy continues their friendship and spent last night together, we have given them a playpen and they seem quite settled. Dexter is desperate to get attention from Saffy and pushes his head in for attention and here he is doing just that. She will occasionally wash him but is still quite nervous about the whole thing. I am quietly confident they will go home the best of friends.

Chataigne Arrives

Chataigne guinea pig arrived today and has settled very well. She loves her food and is a very friendly little guinea pig. Here she is playing on her trouser leg of a pair of jeans.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Naboo & Poppy Doing What They do Best

Naboo and Poppy enjoying their tea and parsley being one of Naboo's favourites he is tucking in quickly before Poppy spots it. She is quite happy munching on some spring greens. Both are well and happy and we think Poppy is looking slimmer... what do you think?

Please be my Friend Says Dexter

We thought we would just blog these two extra pics as Dexter was pushing his head into Saffy and desperate for a bit of attention and she did managed to give him a little face wash - progress!!!! Then they decided to share tea.

Bandit & Bunnie Marie

We were a little concerned when these girls arrived that there may have been sparks in the camp but both have now settled down. Although there is come chasing and fur pulling at feeding time, generally they are behaving quite well considering that they are not neutered. Bunnies who are not neutered and in their own environment and having no contact with other rabbits or other rabbits smells are fine but when staying in a boarding camp its hard not to smell another bunny. However, today both had their nails trimmed and were very well behaved.


Yes, a strange thing to blog on but we are excited to report that we now have grass and the bunnies are eager to get on it, however at the moment it is fenced off until the new turf has settled. Over the past 12 months with our own rabbits and visitors our small patch of grass had virtually diminished to mud and we decided to give the garden a re vamp. Work is still in progress but should be finished for Easter when all our visitors arrive.

Buttercup & Squirrel

We have two other new guests, Buttercup who is currently recovering from Headtilt and her friend Squirrel. Both arrived yesterday and have settled very well. They are only with us for five days but have travelled over to us from South Wales. Buttercup is on three different types of medication and is very good at taking it. Squirrel is on panacur to protect him and he is not quite so keen on the idea. He is a very intelligent rabbit as he is a rex and of course has worked out what is coming and is usually fully prepared when its meds time.

New Guests - Dexter & Saffy

Dexter has stayed with us before and is a dear little bun and so friendly. This time he has brought his girlfriend along to stay, Saffy. Things are little bit up and down between them and they still live in separate cages but we hope by the time they go home, love will be in the air and their friendship will be complete and they will be bonded. Here they are playing in our kitchen area with tunnels and toys. As you can see Dexter was more interested in getting to the parsley first.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Valentino - Bandage Off

Valentino went for his final X ray yesterday and has had his bandage removed after a four week period of having his leg supported. Of course we were surprised to see how much his leg had shrunk in size due to muscle wastage and now he has to built it back up slowly. He also had a really nasty sore spot where the bandage had been rubbing him and we now understand why he kept attacking it and trying to remove it, poor boy. Anyway the sore area is drying up and healing nicely now air is getting to it and although he has to have total cage rest for another week he really is quite perky and happier now it has been removed.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Improved Garden

Our garden has been over the last year totally taken over by bunnies and with diminishing grass and more and more mud being created it has been long over due for some turfing and work. We have had a workman doing this yesterday and today and as you can see from the pics he has his work cut out. We will post some more pictures when the work has been carried out but we hope that with a new turfed lawn this will be appreciated by the bunnies and they will try and make it last a bit longer than the last lawn.

Moo Moo

Moo is still enjoying her play time in the hall and stair area and today we have been having some work done on our back garden. There has been a lot of comings and goings and the back door has been open a few times but Moo decided it was definitely not her scene and decided to stay indoors. Can you blame her.

Naboo & Poppy Bin Day

Both Naboo & Poppy are always intrigued when its cleaning time in the mornings and always want to be involved. Its usually Naboo's trick to jump in the hay bin but to our surprise this morning Poppy decided to hop in and it was quite funny as Naboo wanted to know what was going on and whether he too should jump in. A few pics of this and we thought they were quite funny.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Naboo & Poppy

Our two long stay buns are doing well and are happier now their visitors have moved out. We are convinced they will only accept special rabbits in the room with them and we may as well let them make the decision for us. Naboo ended up in the hay bin again this morning, he has the habit of jumping up into it when I am cleaning and just sits in there munching the hay, quite funny. Poppy is happy so long as the treats keep coming. Both of them has a run around on the landing and our bedroom today and really enjoyed the extra run around space.


Moo has been having a quiet day, she came out earlier to do her stair aerobics and then settled back down in the hall for a bit of relaxation. She enjoys her hay and has been eating lots of it, Moo has to have her teeth checked regularly and its important for dental bunnies to eat lots of hay. She is also enjoying vegetables, grapes and some dried mix. Moo has another week with us and goes home next Sunday. She is very friendly but being a single house bunny misses her bunny mom so we are giving her lots of fuss and attention.

Dunky & Chrimbo - We Think She Likes Him!!

Dunky & Chrimbo have spend most of the last two days together in various positions and we have concluded she likes him. There has been the odd spat and a little bit of fur pulling but in general they are getting on very well. We will continue to keep an eye on them and work with them over the next few days as its important to ensure they are properly bonded before going home. It is always more difficult to introduce a male into a females territory and we would rather they were washing and grooming each other before going home. There has been the odd little face wash but we feel it wont be long before they are washing each other and cuddling up.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Sad Story - Happy End

We try to keep our blog as entertaining as possible, and use it as a way to keep all owners informed about their special friends staying with us. I wanted to tell you a very sad story but with a happy ending. The little bunny pictured was so under nourished and starved, when she was brought into the rescue, it was hard to even believe she would survive. She is now eating very well and has been checked by the vet who has said apart from being very emaciated she is otherwise a healthy little bun. She was actually found by a builder, who kept and fed them and brought them to our local rescue.

Perhaps she is a message to all those people thinking of buying a bunny for an Easter present and we would just say please think seriously before doing this as you do have to remember to feed these little creatures. We hope by posting this message it does not cause any upset but we also wanted to bring this story to you.

Dunky & Chrimbo Love is in the Air

Both bunnies seem fairly relaxed around one another and we are confident they are going to get on just great. Here they are in our kitchen area checking out a new crackly tunnel. Although Dunky is a shy rabbit she is hopping around and investigating everything and little Chrimbo, again a shy boy is certainly coming out of his shell.

Naboo Says he feels Upset

Poor Naboo has heard about the rescue boy in the camp and is quite upset that any bunny should even try to impersonate him, with his fly away mane and sleek physique he has certainly made it clear he is the most good looking white lionhead in the camp.

Naboo Two - Chrimbo

We have a rescue bunny in the camp who we are hoping to bond with Dunky who stayed with us over Xmas. Chrimbo looks very similar to Naboo so we thought we would post his picture along with Dunky. We will keep you updated on how the bonding goes.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Nugget & Poppy Off Home

Nugget & Poppy are due to be going home this weekend. We shall miss them as they have been with us for a while and are great little buns.

Stairs who said Moo didn't do Stairs!

We have Moo staying in our hallway and she comes out in the morning for a run around the kitchen, hall and apparently doesn't do stairs, however we found her investigating the stairs and landing area and seemed quite confident going up and down them. Moo is a very friendly girl and we are giving her lots of fuss as she is used to that from her Bunny Mom & Dad.

Bandit & Bunnie Marie

Here are Bandit and Bunnie Marie who arrived today and are staying in our indoor area with Naboo & Poppy. We hope all get on but if not then we shall move the girls downstairs. Both seem friendly buns and we are planning to get them outside for a play on the patio later today.

Relaxed Bunnies

Both Naboo & Poppy look very chilled after their breakfast and quite happy. No outside activities yet but with promise of more sunshine next week then we will definitely pluck up courage and see how they like a run outside. Naboo and Poppy have a couple of friends staying who arrived today and the girls are settling quite well. Bandit (black) and Bunnie Marie (grey) are with us until 5 April and we look forward to getting to know them.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Naboo & Poppy

Both the buns are in Spring clean mode today and we have had a complete re arrangement of their room. We are not sure who instigates the change but both seem to get very involved in moving all their toys and trays around. Naboo is a very friendly little guy now and comes up for attention and treats and its lovely to see his happy little face when we give him lots of fuss. We are convinced that Poppy, although she loves the attention is hoping its another time for treats. All in all both are happy and healthy and with the warmer weather we are experiencing willmean next week we will try and get them out for a short spell to see how they like it. Both buns would like to send lots of love to their Bunny Mom & Dad who are travelling in South America.

Nugget & Poppy

Nugget & Poppy are out in a run today and again, although house bunnies, these two also like time out in the fresh air. Poppy is still a little bit nervous but her confidence is growing and she is much easier to pick up and handle. Both love playing with their purple castle toy and chasing each other around. Both of these buns send their love to their Bunny Mom who is serving in Afghanistan.


Moo has come back to stay with us for a couple of weeks and has settled very well. She had some time outside yesterday on the patio with her bed and seemed to enjoy running around. She is very much a house bunny now but we do find if its nice the buns still like to go out and have a run around. Moo has a history of dental problems so we do encourage her to eat lots of hay which she loves. We recently bought some different meadow hay and its really good quality and all the buns love it. We have also give Moo some Timothy Hay to keep her on the right track. Mind you she still loves her mix and vegetables.

Rocky & Pebbles

This weekend we have had a couple of old friends staying. Both have been enjoying the sunshine and playing in their run. Rocky is moulting quite a bit at the moment so he had a groom this morning to remove a lot of the dead fur. This is important as rabbits do groom themselves like cats and can ingest the fur into their digestive system and this can cause problems by slowing down the gut. Both seem very healthy and quite happy and are due to go home this evening.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Nugget & Poppy Treat Time

Nugget and Poppy also enjoy their treats and have little fruit biscuits. They have a plastic castle toy and they use this as their table for treats. Both are keen and jump up quickly to get them. To begin with Poppy was more up for them but now Nugget likes to get his share as well.

Big Ed & Lily

We don't very often report on our other bunnies but we do actually have 12 of our own and three of them are french lops. You have of course heard lots of reports on Valentino but here is a picture of one of our other french buns, Edward. He is a really teddy bear and although his coat is not looking too great at the moment due to a moult he is a handsome rabbit and has beautiful big brown eyes. Ed has always had a bit of a chip on his shoulder as he so wanted to be our next house bunny but Valentino pipped him at the post. Ed lives with his bunny wife, Lily and enjoys time out in our garden.