Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Vinnie & Isobella

Young Vincent has a new friend, I recently visited the Windwhistle Warren Rescue and although it was not my intention to bring back another bunny, which is very hard when you see all their lovely furry faces, one particular little fur ball caught my attention.  Dumpling as she was know by had gone back into the rescue as her originally bonded friend decided that once she came home he did not like her that much after all.  Anyway it was a different story with Vinnie as he is quite smitten with her and here they are all loved up.  It only took a few days to bond them so we feel this is true love...



Molly is enjoying her holiday and has also settled very well.  She loves her vegetables and really looks forward to her breakfast and tea.  Molly has lot quite a bit of weight and looks very good for her age which is around 9 years.


Here we have a very cute little chap who has settled very well, he is enjoying his food, loves his Timothy Hay and has been having playtime in our small bunny room.  Here are some pics we took earlier of him before he came out to play. 

Bunny Playtime

Here we have Missie and Bailey who are due to be friends soon.  They are having playtime out on our patio area and keep sitting either side of the wire so we feel it wont be long before they are together full time.