Sunday, 21 April 2013


Rusty is also one of our house guests and here she is wondering when its her time to come out to play.  Rusty has the evening slot and comes out to play around 5 pm until bedtime.  She loves running around and exploring and is a very tidy little bun and poops only on her tray.  Rusty has settled very well and is enjoying her food.


Ben is another of our house rabbit guests and again he is staying with us for a couple of weeks.  Ben is an older bun and has recently been poorly so does not go out side now.  As it was so sunny yesterday we decided to put a try by our back door and let him lie in the tray and get some sun rays.  He loved it and never moved very far.  Ben has settled well and is enjoying his food.


Here is Blondie who is staying with us for quite a long stay but she has settled very well and is enjoying time out in our bunny playroom during the afternoons.  She loves her cuddles and is a really friendly bun.  Blondie was jumping around and doing binkies so we thought Spring must be here, well apparently not towards the end of this week we are due some more frosts..... when will this weather settle.  Blondie is certainly happy to be a house rabbit at the moment.

Saturday, 13 April 2013


Shelly arrived today and has settled in very well.

Hallahan Gang

We have a group of bunnies staying with us who all come from the same family and they are all very cute and extremely friendly.  Here they are and the only one we have not managed to get a photo of yet is LB who is a wild rabbit who is now domesticated.  We shall try and get her on the blog over the next couple of days but she is very quick and usually sleeps during the day and comes out at dusk.









Thumper is spending a long weekend with us and he is very energetic and full of the joys of spring, we caught him several times trying to escape a fenced area where he was playing.  He was determined to jump the fence and we had to keep a close eye on him.  Here he is a little bit calmer playing with a tunnel.


Blondie arrived today and is spending nearly three weeks with us, she has settled well and here she is eating her tea and eyeing up the boys next door!!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sparky & Scruffy Guinea Pigs

Sparky and Scruffy came to stay with us this week and as they are boys they prefer not to live in the same hutch but they are happy to run together out in one of our garden runs.  Here are some pics we took today of them.  They are both settled and well.


Sounder has been with us over the Easter holidays, he is off home tomorrow and we shall miss him.  He is a very friendly boy and loves having cuddles and attention.  Here are a few pics we took today of him.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Very Chilly but Still Easter Holidays

We are certainly experiencing some very chilly weather for April and although most bunnies can withstand pretty cold temperatures many of them hate the wind and having their fur blown about.  Quite a few owners have also brought their furry friends into their homes or a shed or garage to protect them from the severe temperatures we are experiencing.  All guests at Blackberry Boarding are snuggled down in our sheds, indoors in our bunny playroom or if they are outdoor rabbits and guinea pigs all the hutches have insulation and protective covers.  We also give them heat pads to keep them nice and snug.  Here are a few more photos of your pets who are all very well and quite settled with us.