Sunday, 1 January 2012

More Blackberry Boarding Bunnies

Here we have Freddie & Abigail along with Florence.

Blackberry Boarding Bunnies



Here are a few of our own rabbits who enjoyed sometime out in the garden today.  We have 15 rabbits of our own, all of them live in pairs and usually they take it in turns coming out for exercise and playtime. 



Monty Mini Lop


Monty had time out again today and was intrigued with our long haired rabbit, Florence.  I am sure he wasn't sure whether she was a rabbit or dog.  Here they both are.

Tammy & Fernando Playtime

Fernando & Tammy had some playtime outside today in one of our larger runs and here are some photos of them, both look very cute and really enjoyed dashing around in a large space.  We thought Fernando looked as though he was asking when was it tea time in his begging pose.