Friday, 31 December 2010

George & Emily

Here are George and Emily.  George is a very cute mini lop and Emily a little rescue bun.  Both were very friendly and have gone home today.

Marv & Lucky

Here are Marv & Lucky investigating our garden and seeing who could jump onto the highest hutch so we had to keep a close eye on them.  They soon returned to their hutch and run when they heard the breakfast biscuits.  We took the boys for their routine vaccinations before Xmas and both were given a clean bill of heath. 

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Other Guests

Tomorrow we will report on some of our other guests which include, George & Emily, Marv & Lucky, Rocky & Pebbles, Lola & Henry John, Tubs & Honeysuckle, Scampi & Chips and Kevin & Freddie.  As you can imagine it is a very busy time for us but we will do our best to get some updates on the other guests over the next couple of days.

Bandit & Bunnie Marie

Here are another of our two Christmas & New Years guests.  Both Bandit & Bunnie Marie almost never made it to Blackberry Boarding as their Bunny Mom has a terrible time getting back from a holiday due to the problems that occurred with the bad weather.  The girls are really different to the last time we saw them, they are much calmer since they have been neutered and really love having lots of fuss and attention.

Suzi & Smudge Christmas Hug

These two little bunnies are quite often chasing and challenging each other particularly when food arrives or you are trying to clean out their cage.  We did however, get a lovely photo of them today cuddling up together which we thought we would share with you.


Here is Dunky who is staying with us over the Christmas and New Year holidays and although has not been able to come out quite as much as normal, she has been having a nice relaxing holiday.  Today we gave all the bunnies a special treat stick which Dunky really loved.  They are sugar free for all you worried owners!!

Naboo & Poppy Snuggle Time

Here are Naboo & Poppy snuggling up and very relaxed.  They have had the best Christmas present ever as their Bunny Mom & Dad have returned to the UK and will shortly be coming to take them home to Manchester.  Both bunnies have been fantastic to look after and we will really miss them, however, we are quite sure they will  love to see Zephie & Dave and be back home.

Valentino's Christmas Day

Valentino as expected wanted to get totally involved on Christmas Day (sorry we are late reporting this!).  Here are some pictures of him investigating and trying to find a treat.






Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Boarders

We would like to assure all owners that their little fluffies are well and enjoying their stay with us.  We have had some internet problems and not been able to report as usual.  Of course we have also been very busy with this cold weather we have had.  Water bottles freezing and keeping animals safe and comfortable.  Now the weather is milder, we hope to get back to normal and of course with technology behaving itself, some blogging as well.  Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year, Sharon & Chris x

Friday, 24 December 2010

Suzi & Smudge Playtime in the Snow

We took a few movies today of Suzi & Smudge playing in the snow and here is one of them.  Both of them had loads of fun dashing around and playing chase games.

Guinea Pigs Galore



We have six indoor piggies staying with us and here they all are sitting pretty for their photos.  All the piggies are very vocal when they hear crackling paper or bags.  Today they were all fooled, one of our house bunnies arrived with her crackly tunnel and of course they all thought it was time for food!


Mouse is with us for the Christmas Holidays and he was enjoying some cuddles today after his playtime.  We have both been wrapping up warm with the cold weather and this photo looks as though he is wearing my ski hat.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Timmy Gin ... Rainbow Bridge

We heard today that little Timmy gin died.  He has been battling with his health for the last few months and very sadly died this morning on the way to the vet.  Timmy was a superb little piggy and loved very much.  He will be sadly missed by Edward his owner and of course we shall miss seeing him at Blackberry Boarding.

Tristan & Isolde

We have two house bunnies staying with us for Christmas they belong to Ellie who helps us care for the rabbits and is going to house sit for us in January when we go on holiday.  Here they are enjoying their breakfast.

Playtime in the Snow

Here are Lola & Henry John Playing in the snow.  Lola seemed to get fed up quite quickly but HJ was having a great time.  Lola was one of the headtilt bunnies we nursed and as you can see from the pics above (before and now) she has recovered completely and looks really amazing.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Oscar & Lucy

Here are Oscar and Lucy sharing a hutch during today's playtime. Usually they live separately and only go out together for play, but today they have settled down in the same hutch together and stayed there. 
Perhaps the cold weather is making them feel that having a snuggle buddy is not so bad after all?

Marv & Lucky

As you can see, we have not been spared the snow here in Gloucester, but we still like to let the bunnies have time out to play.
Here are Lucky and Marv playing in the snow and they had a great time. They are used to living outdoors and don't seem to put out by this cold weather.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Marv & Lucky

Marv & Lucky are also staying with us over the Xmas period and have settled in very well.  They have enjoyed some time out today playing in the garden and although it was a cold day, they did not seem to mind at all.

Timmy Gin

Timmy is back with us for the Christmas holidays and although he is still on medications and the occasional feed, he is doing quite well and is eating quite a bit of food on his own.  Timmy has his advent calendar and although he is not keen on the small chocolate drops some of the other buns like them.  Here is a picture of Timmy enjoying his tea.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Alfie and Milly

Here are two of our rabbits, Alfie the big German Lop, and Milly the Seal Point. After a few failed attempts to get any grass from the frozen lawn we felt sorry for them and gave them a large cabbage leaf.
As you can see, Alfie was first to get to grips with it, while Milly looks on.
For all his 'bruiser' looks, Alfie can be quite a gentle and loving rabbit, and loves being stroked and fussed, but..... he hates being picked up and looks and acts really scared whenever we try.
We can only think that a previous owner may have dropped him and this is why he acts like he does.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Bunnies in the Snow

Eddie & Lily



We took some pictures of our bunnies playing in the snow and thought we would share them with you.  We now have 13 rabbits of our own and along with a couple of fosters who have already become very much part of the rabbit family here.  More to follow as I am quite sure we shall be having some more snow!!!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Valentino Chill Time

Just in case any of you had forgotten what our boy looks like and what he does best here he is relaxing, which is really a big part of his day!

Our vet has told us to keep an eye on his weight and although he has lost a bit of weight from 5.8 kg to 5.49 kg we do keep an eye on his treats to ensure he doesn't reach 6.0 kg which means Weight Watchers for Tino.  This photo unfortunately doesn't do him any favours and does make him look quite a chunky boy.  The French Lops, are by nature very lazy and happy to do nothing, which we have to say is his favourite activity!  However, on the plus side it does make him a very cuddly rabbit which we love.  If a fat rabbit turns up in bunny camp, I usually tell the owners off, in a polite way of course and lock Tino in a cupboard!!!  Seriously, if he does put on any more weight he will be on a diet but at the moment our vet has said he is fine.

Naboo & Poppy

We have heard from Naboo & Poppy's owners recently with theirs news and of course asking how their babies are doing.  Both buns are great and now winter is here are enjoying being in the warm and  keeping cosy.  We took a few pics earlier and as you can see they both look very relaxed.  Poppy may have gained a little bit of weight, we are going to weigh them later to check.  As usual they are still playing their chase/escape games and the other evening when I went upstairs I found Naboo exploring in the back bedroom and Poppy in our en suite bathroom, bless them, my fault, I forgot to fasten the gate properly.  However, when there is a chance for an adventure they are off.   The same happened today , when we were settling Timmy in and I was talking to his owner, the next thing Naboo is off along the landing.  Its quite funny really but they are very good and never make any mess, so we kind of humour them.

Flying Visit From Timmy Gin

Timmy is with us for a pit stop whilst his owners go to Devon for a two day break to see their family.  Timmy is looking much better and now managing to eat a lot of his food on own.  He is down to one feed of critical care a day now and appears to be coping very well.  We are pleased that he is now on the road to recovery.

Donny & Fern

Donny & Fern decided it was too cold to play out side, they are older buns and both seem very happy to snooze for most of the day.  We gave they a treat stick last night and it was gone in no time at all.  They are staying with us for a long weekend and are due to go home Sunday providing we have no big snow falls and their owners can get back from Cornwall.

Dexter & Saffy Venture Outside

We have been experiencing some very cold weather and the house buns are not always up for a run out during their room clean.  However, Dexter seemed to love dashing around and Saffy seemed to quite enjoy herself as well.  We have noticed that our six biggies who live out doors seem to prefer to sit in their runs, on the cold concrete rather than in their warm hutches, mad things!.  We have to physically shut them in at night or we are sure they would sit out doors all night.  Both Dex and Saffy seemed pleased to come back in and then spent the afternoon snoozing until it was tea time. 

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Poppy & Oscar Playtime

We have had a pretty rubbish week weatherwise and these two buns were pleased to get out today to have a bit of playtime.  As you can see Oscar was interested to see if he could get over the top and Poppy was investigating everything.  We gave them a large box of hay to jump in and out of and they seem pretty content.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Poppy and Oscar

Here are Poppy and Oscar who are with us until Monday of next week. They are living in our dining room, with Valentino and Florence for company. They are quite a lively pair and spend a lot of time chewing their new grass tunnel and chasing each other around. 
They have spent some outside in a run on the patio when the weather has permitted, but today is very wet and blustery, so they may have to stay indoors.