Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Poppy & Oscar

Poppy & Oscar arrived yesterday and it was lovely to see them again. Both seem very settled and happy and enjoying their food. As they normally live indoors we are putting them in our shed overnight and during the day they spend time in a large hutch and run attached. Tonight all the bunnies had parsley for tea as a treat and both Poppy & Oscar really enjoyed theirs.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Naboo & Poppy New Toy

The buns have had most of their toys now that were left for them by Zephie & Dave apart from a wicker basket which I gave them earlier today. Both initially were not that bothered about it but once it had some treats inside, this seemed to drum up more interest. Here they are seeking out the treats. Of course the brains of the camp was in there first, we actually think this is why Poppy has lost her weight as Naboo is so much quicker at working out where the food is. Even with scatter feeding, Poppy is not as quick as Naboo. Good job as she loves her food.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Baby piggies

Here are two baby guinea pigs we are looking after for a few days. They are from the rescue at Windwhistle Warren, and were chosen by two of our customers from the Stroud area. We are looking after them until their new accommodation arrives at the weekend.
They are extremely fast and it took a few attempts to catch them for these photos to be taken.
I'm sure the new owners will enjoy having two such lively piggies around.


Here is Parker having a munch on some grass. He spends the days in the outside hutch, where he can warm his old bones in the sun, but at night he goes into the shed, as he is getting on a bit.
He is very friendly and always comes up for a fuss.

Jack & Saffron relaxing

Here are Jack and Saffron relaxing in their hutch this morning. Despite being able to have a run outside on the patio, they decided it was too warm and went for a lie inside. These two are very together, and what one does, the other always follows.
At least they have refrained from trying to get behind the shed!!!!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Valentino's Birthday

Today is Valentino's Birthday!!!!

We made a special trip to Pets at Home to get him a new bowl, grass tunnel and chewy treat. Unfortunately he did not get any cards (as we forgot) but he seems to really like his presents, especially the tunnel which he is chewing to pieces, even as I write this blog!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Jodie & Casper

We occasionally mention some of our buns and these are our oldest two both around about 8 yrs now. We caught little Casper snuggling up to Jodie today and he just looked super cute. This new cuddle regime has only occurred since we put one of our single female buns in the same shed. Lottie recently lost her friend Primrose and we thought it would be nice for her to has some company. For some reason Casper has suddenly become all loving towards Jodie, strange boy.

Naboo & Poppy Weight Watchers

As you have probably read before we have been trying to reduce Poppy a little bit but its hard when you have a pair of bunnies and one is fine. We have been scatter feeding them now for couple of months and today we weighed both buns with our new scales. Decided to invest in some proper weighing scales for pets. First we put Poppy on and to our surprise she had come down a little bit from 3.5 kg to 2.9 kg which we felt was a good loss for Poppy as this girl loves her food. Little Naboo was pretty much the same at 2.62 kg which was good as he is about right. So progress at last and as this has been done very slowly we don't actually think she has noticed.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Holiday Delays - Hammy Hamster

Due to delays with flights some of our boarders are still here as their owner are not able to get home. One of our little guests, Hammy Hamster is still here and we wanted to say he is fine and happy. Here he is on his wheel.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Timmy Goes Home

Timmy gin went home today as well and as always he has been a pleasure to take care of. Little Timmy has had lots of cuddles and we shall miss him. Timmy is back with us in May and we look forward to seeing him again.

Saffron & Jack

Just a couple of pics of the couple of shed chewing culprits. As you can see Saffy looks quite content as if to say "well now my work is done, I can relax"......in a way it was funny but we certainly panicked when we found her stuck behind the shed. But of course after we had move one of our most heaviest hutches she managed to squeeze back out with no trouble at all.

Meadow & Grace

Meadow and Grace will be going home tomorrow, their stay with us was extended for a few days as Grace was unwell for a while. She is feeling much better now and we are pleased that she has recovered from her incident of gut stasis. This can be quite painful for bunnies and veterinary advice/treatment needs to be sought very quickly or the condition can become quite serious. This can be brought on by stress, change in diet and a number of other things. Some rabbits are prone to this and owners should be aware of this fact. If your rabbit stops eating for even the shortest time this would indicate something is wrong. Rabbits by nature tend to graze on hay or grass for a large part of the day and if, for any reason, they refuse food you can be sure there is something not quite right. You can see from the one picture of Grace she is quite uncomfortable from the way she is lying on the floor.

Saffy Customises Our Shed

Saffron decided to customise our shed earlier in the week, she managed to chew a hole in a panel that was fixed to ensure no rabbits got behind the shed. Was that good enough for Saff, of course not she got through and then we found her stuck behind it and Jack the other side chewing to help her get out. See the before and after shot of the damage and the repair job Chris did.

Rats Go Home

This evening we said goodbye to the rats. They were really great and we were very surprised how friendly they were. We will look forward to seeing them again in the summer.

Monday, 12 April 2010


Parker's stay with us has been extended for a few days but we will be taking him home later this week. Here he is enjoying some time out in the sun today.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Meadow & Grace

Both bunnies are now happy playing on the patio and have not escaped since their last little adventure. They have to take it in turns with Sausage and Chutney and today they had the afternoon to play.

Sausage & Chutney

Sausage & Chutney have been out playing today on our patio and enjoying the sun. Here they are back in the hutch after their tea. Tonight they had some coriander as a treat for tea and they really tucked into this.

Andy & Pandy

Andy & Pandy are now becoming more confident and quite friendly towards us, they are quite nervous little rabbits but enjoy coming out in their run.

Rats Relax

Our rats our now quite settled and enjoying time out in the evening with us. Both enjoy their food and so far have enjoyed, mini weekabix, banana, apple, carrot, cucumber, cheese biscuits, bread, in fact they eat almost anything you offer them oh and some fruit milk drops which we discovered rats could have (don't tell Naboo & Poppy as this was one of their packets of treats) I am sure the rats will only have one or two though.

Naboo & Poppy Relax

Both bunnies are doing really well and this week they have a guest staying, Hammy hamster, who of course comes out to play at night so we are not too sure if the bunnies are losing sleep or not but both seem quite intrigued as to who their new room mate is. Here they are relaxing after breakfast this morning.

Monty Enjoys some Dandelions

Little Monty had some time outside today in a run and then when he came in later we picked him some dandelions for his tea which he really enjoyed.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Sad Day

It is with great sadness that we have to report that our little friend Primrose died today, she was our only piggy and lived with a rabbit called Lottie. We are not 100% sure of why she died, we did originally suspect gut stasis as guinea pigs as well as rabbits can suffer with this. However, in the end we feel it was just her age and after medication and feeding she just really gave up her fight for life.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Rats Playtime

Here is Rupert & William enjoying some playtime with us and we were amazed how friendly and inquisitive they both were. They were very well behaved and love climbing over the settee and chairs and us.

William & Rupert Rat

William & Rupert Rat arrived this morning and are extremely friendly boys, both enjoy attention and cuddles and food!. Here they are enjoying a mini weetabix and both were tucking in well. Both are 15 mth old and we are told very nosey rats, which no doubt we shall find out later when they come out to play.

Timmy Gin

Timmy has been spending some time outside in a run, as it has been such a nice day and he seems to enjoy lying in the sun. Timmy had some dandelions earlier which we picked for him and loved them.

Meadow & Grace

Meadow & Grace came to us yesterday and are quite an adventurous pair of bunnies, so far Meadow has managed to commando crawl underneath one of the hutches and almost got stuck but just managed to get out and somehow Grace decided a run around the garden was better fun than on our patio so we found her playing in our main shed. The whole garden is bunny proof but we were surprised that they managed to find an escape route on day two from the patio to the main garden.

Monty Enjoying the Sun

Monty arrived yesterday and has settled in with us almost straight away. He is such a friendly little chap and loves attention. Here he is out in a run playing with his toys and tunnel.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Dexter & Saffy - Getting on Great

Both bunnies are still doing well and enjoying each others company. There Bunny Mom, Gabby is on holiday in Florida and we are keeping her informed as to how they are getting on. Both buns send their love to their Mom and wanted her to know they miss her. Although Dexter said the food is good here so he doesn't mind it toooooooooooooooo much!!!

Sammy & Mindy

Sammy & Mindy are also with us this week and both look very well. Sammy & Mindy are being fostered by Jack & Saffron's Mom & Dad and are very lucky to have such a great foster home.

Jack & Saffron

We have a couple of old friends back with us this week, Jack is one of our boarders who has been many times and his new wifey Saffy the second visit. She is very beautiful and Jack loves her very much. As you can see Jack is quite shy and was hiding in the hutch and we hope to catch him tomorrow. We set up a play area for them on another patio area and both enjoyed their time out today.

Lettuce & Millie

These two bunnies are also quite shy but very busy and always dashing around and quite adventurous.

Andy & Pandy

This two bunnies are very shy but we hope over the next couple of weeks they will become more friendly towards us.

Other New Guests - Badger & Little Mum

Enjoying the sunshine.

Naboo & Poppy Venture Outside

We decided as it was such a warm sunny day that Naboo & Poppy should have a play outside on our patio and to our surprise they really loved it and both were checking out and chinning everything. Here they are investigating their new play area.