Sunday, 30 May 2010

Woody & Poppy relaxing

Here are Woody and Poppy relaxing in their hutch this afternoon. They took no time at all to settle in, despite being in a different area than they are used to from previous visits. They have spent their time exploring but soon tired themselves out, and with the arrival of their biscuits decided to have a lie down.

Old Friends

Sausage & Chutney

New Guests


Oats so Simple Valentino

As a rule I never give human food to a bunny and quite often cringe when I hear of people given their bunnies little pieces of digestive or similar. However, all has gone completely pear shaped with Valentino. He tends to follow us around like a puppy dog and of course the kitchen is his favourite spot. First thing in the morning he charges out to get a slice of banana (not too bad I can hear you say) then he has a mini weetabix and simple loves them. He will then follow me into the lounge and jumps upon the sofa to try and gain access to my porridge bowl. Yes you have guessed, he loves Oats so Simple and desperately wants to have a lick of the bowl. I am convinced this rabbit thinks he is human sometimes.

Friday, 28 May 2010


We have a new guest in bunny camp for a long weekend stay, he is a dutch bunny called Nugmeg and although he is an older bun he is quite healthy and happy. He is a little bit nervous but we hope over the next couple of days we will be able to encourage him to come out in his run.


Parker has been with us now for nearly two months and we have got to know him very well. He is a very friendly chap and loves being out in the garden where he can see all the other buns. We noticed Parker was not quite himself a couple of days ago and after a trip to our local animal hospital and and some blood tests and an ultra-sound scan to check his kidneys, the vet noticed he had an enlarged kidney. Sometimes the older buns do develop problems with their kidneys and we noticed Parker had lost some weight. However, after some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine he seems to be improving and much more interested in his food. We are sure over the next few days he will continue to improve and start to put a bit of weight back on. Here he is playing in his run in the garden.

Dunky & Rocky

Dunky & Rocky are staying with us for a long weekend and have been out in the run today. We try to get all the bunnies out when its warm and sunny. Even the house rabbits love to go out. Dunky has managed to lose some weight recently and she is much more active and runs around with Rocky playing.

Naboo & Poppy enjoy the Sunshine

Naboo & Poppy have been outside again today and really seem to enjoy their time outdoors now. They had the whole of the patio area to play but decided that a space between two runs was a nice little rest spot. We have been Panacuring all of our own bunnies and also Naboo & Poppy. None of the bunnies really enjoy the taste of this medicine and we think Poppy's face says it all. Today was the 28th day so we have now completed the task, thank goodness. 28 days Pancuring 14 rabbits was quite a feat but worth it of course to protect them from EC.

Poppy & Woody's Gardening Time

We have two Continental Giant bunnies who come to stay with us quite regularly and we are expecting them back this weekend. Giant bunnies are adorable and have such gentle natures. Their owners sent us some pics of Poppy & Woody doing a bit of gardening, is she really pulling her own carrots??

Friday, 21 May 2010

Naboo & Poppy enjoy the Sunshine

Today has been a lovely hot and sunny day and both Naboo & Poppy made the most of this on our patio area. Poppy seen here munching on her new grass tunnel seems very content. Temperatures are due to rise even further over the weekend so we shall have to be very careful to keep all the bunnies cool. Heat is actually more dangerous for rabbits that being too cold. Its important to ensure that they have shade and a cover to protect them from the sun. Access to cool water and sometimes if they normally use a bottle, giving them a bowl of water is a good idea.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Lilly goes Lop

One of our female buns, Lily has always had one of her ears up and one down and we have got so used to seeing her like this when both of her ears drop, she looks very strange. Here she is with her different looks. Lily is currently on a diet and we hope over a period of time we will be able to get her nice and slim for the summer. Fat bunnies have problems cleaning themselves properly and this can cause problems in the summer months with flies and the risk of flystrike. She has always been a very clean bunny and never gets dirty but we have decided to reduce her weight just in case. To reduce a bunny's weight, you must do this gradually and not drastically reduce their pellets. This can be dangerous and successful weight loss has to be a slow process and this ensures success and a healthy bun. If you decide to put your bunny on a weight watchers programme, reduce their pellets by 50% and ensure that you increase their fibre with hay and dried grass and vegetables. Root vegetables can be high in sugar i.e. carrots, so again, small chunks a couple of times a week and again fruit should be limited. Lots of leafy green veg and hay and your bun will soon be nice and slim.


Parker is one of our long term boarders and here he is looking out at the other bunnies and taking everything in. He is sat in his hay box which we have found the bunnies really like, you can get them from the supermarkets free and fill up with hay they love sitting in them and munching the hay.

Oscar & Lucy

We have two new guests in the camp this week, they are staying for a few days whilst their owners move house. Both have settled very well and have been out in a run today.

Dunky & Rocky

Dunky & Rocky are back with us for a few days and have been outside today enjoying the sunshine. Both love sitting on their pink blanket and here they are looking quite relaxed.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Mysterious Abigail!!!!

We were getting Abigail from her hutch, ready to have her Panacur medicine, when we noticed this 'heart' shape in the fur on her head. We have no idea how it got there.
Maybe she is blessed??!!


Here is Guinness, on his way out to have a play in a run in the garden. Unfortunately he has not been able to have quite the freedom he normally gets when at home, but he is still getting a lot of fuss and attention.
Yesterday we had two visitors, and both mentioned how much of a handsome chap Guinness was. Without being big headed, Guinness had to agree that they were right!!!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Valentino - Chair Game

We have not mentioned our boy for some time now but he has completely recovered from his broken leg and is now leaping from chair to chair, quite literally. We have a set of conservatory furniture which I have on many occasions decided to sell but then Tino does his famous dance and play routine across the chairs, which is really quite funny, we then decide to keep them again, quite mad, I know. Here he is after finishing his routine and almost asking for applause.

Naboo Tucks In.......Literally!!!

We recently gave Naboo and Poppy a large hanging basket to use as a hay rack. As you can see, Naboo has decided the best way to get the most from it is to actually sit inside.
To give her credit, Poppy also does this on occasion, but we have just not been quick enough with the camera!!

Saturday, 8 May 2010


Here is Mouse, who has now become a regular visitor. He is a very friendly chap and always comes up for some fuss. He is sharing a room with all the guinea pigs and they all seem to be getting on famously.

And Even More Piggies!!!

Guinea Pigs Galore

We have a group of guinea pigs staying with us for the next two weeks and all of them are very vocal, especially when its time for their breakfast and tea. Here are some pictures taken today of them.

Monty Wilson Jarvis

We have little Monty staying with us this week and he has been enjoying himself playing in our kitchen this evening. Monty is a very friendly little rabbit and is on a long weekend stay with us to ensure he is settled being away from home before his long holiday in August. Monty forgot his bed this time but we managed to find him a little pink one. I am not sure he was totally impressed with it though.