Friday, 31 July 2009


Oscar, who has been staying with us for over a month now went home tonight to be with his friend Mooey and his owners, Kathryn & Sean. He has been such a pleasure to nurse and we shall miss him very much. We have seen Oscar make considerable progress over the last month from not being able to stand to now sitting and washing himself. We hope he continues to make good progress and look forward to hearing how he gets on at home.

Dexter Rabbit

Dexter rabbit is such a cute rabbit and so friendly, he comes out in the morning and goes bouncing around the lounge and dashes into our kitchen area, we have no idea who he is searching for or where he is going but he is so funny to watch and then when you call him, he comes running back to his indoor pen for his breakfast. Today he has been outside in a run and seemed to quite enjoy sunbathing, YES, we actually had some sun today. Dexter has been moulting quite a bit so we have given him some pineapple juice as this has enzymes in it which help to break down any fur which might build up in the gut from him grooming himself. Dexter loves it and looks forward to his little bowl of juice each morning.

Poppy & Peanut

Yesterday saw the arrival of our largest visitors so far. Poppy & Peanut are both Continental Giant Rabbits and although large in size they are very gentle natured rabbits and have settled in very well. Today they spent their time playing and then relaxing on our patio area and then retiring to their hutch for mutual grooming and some munching. We were advised by Poppy's owner that she loved to jump and was quite an escape artist but so far we have managed to ensure she has nt gone walkabouts around the garden to meet the other rabbits.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Sunnier times!

This is Poppy having another day out in the garden run. She really enjoys her time out and playing with her toys and running through her tunnel. As you can see, she is very friendly and naturally photogenic and was quick to pose for her close up.

It's wash time for Sausage and Chutney as they lounge in the sun. This was after another morning of exploration and generally playing. They had a lot of energy to use up after quite a lazy day yesterday, due to the bad weather.

Our other guinea pig boarders, Curly, Gizmo and Chutney + Daisy, have all had time out in the garden today and had a great time.
Dexter rabbit has also been outside this afternoon, and we were going to post some pictures, but Sharon didn't realise there was no memory card in the camera at the time, so hopefully tomorrow?

Magnificent 7

Here is Abigail piggy, who arrived yesterday morning during the heavy downpours. She was accompanied by her friends, Amanda, the black and white, and Anton.

Also in the same gang are Winnie, the white lionhead along with his partner Ronja.

Finally, we have Woody the black lionhead and his partner, Shelly. These two are friends with all the guinea pigs and often jump into their pen.
They are all indoors and sharing our second bedroom at present, but we hope that they can get to have a run outdoors, if this terrible weather ever lets up? Yesterday was a total washout as far as running in the garden was concerned.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Timmy update

Last week we posted an item about Timmy not being well and needing more medication. We took him to the vet and the she agreed that he was still not any better. She checked what he was taking (marbocyl) and thought it strange that he was on an injectable form of the drug but taking it orally.
She has now prescribed baytril (which is from the same family of drugs as marbocyl) for 10 days and this seems to be doing the job. We are going to give the vet an update on his condition at the end of the 10 days, but she thinks another 10 days may be needed to completely clear the infection.
We will obviously keep a careful eye on him and keep updating this blog so as to inform his owner of the latest news.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

And there's more!!

Above are Sausage and Chutney, two lively girls who love to explore, who arrived this morning. They have spent the morning investigating the patio area and eating hay from their hay box.

Below is Jack, who after some trepidation has finally ventured out of his hutch and into the run. Unfortunately his partner, Tilly, has not been so brave and is quite content to sit in her box and eat hay. I'm sure she will join Jack over the next few days.

Today saw the arrival of Daisy guinea pig also. She immediately settled down to eat grass in the outside run, before settling into her hutch for the evening.

Barney Boop and Daisy Doop went home this evening after a short stay. They were great fun to look after and we look forward to seeing them again in the future.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Outside at last!!!

Here are Barney Boop and Daisy Doop relaxing in their run this morning. This came after a great game of kiss chase and a mutual washing session. They are great to watch as they run around playing.

Here are a couple of pictures of Poppy enjoying her time out in the garden this morning. She was surrounded by all her toys and was very inquisitive. She loved sitting on the stool we gave her and looking out.

Dexter rabbit has been out playing also as we had 'some' nicer weather today.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

More pictures

This is Poppy who arrived last evening. She is quite a sensitive bunny but she has settled in well. Due to weather constraints she did not get to go outside today, but did have a run around inside the shed, which she seemed to enjoy. Hopefully conditions will change to allow her to get some outdoor exercise.

These are the two guinea pigs who are the partners of Curly (see yesterday) who were too shy to be photographed. They managed to get over their shyness today and come out for their close-up. The ginger (strawberry blond?) one is Chutney and the agouti is called Gizmo. They spent quite a part of the day in the garden in a run under the awning, so they did not get wet.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Arrivals pictures

This fine chap is Curly, and he is resting in his nice comfy bed. He arrived today accompanied by his two friends, Gizmo and Chutney. They were not so photogenic but we hope to post some pictures of them over the next few days.

This is Dexter, who arrived yesterday. He has been very friendly and really enjoys being fussed. He really liked sitting on his red stool out in his run in the garden.

These are photos of Daisy Doop, who is a lovely mini-lop, and her partner Barney Boop. who is a nice little lionhead. They have settled in very well and have had a great day out in the garden.

All in all it was a good day today with the weather being so nice that everybody was able to enjoy the sunshine.

Friday, 24 July 2009

More arrivals

We had some more arrivals today. Dexter rabbit was first. He is a dark grey mini-lop who has a lot of character. He seems very friendly and inquisitive and is enjoying his time out in the garden this afternoon.

Next up were Jack and Matilda (Tilly) rabbit. They are old friends and have been with us on a quite a few occasions. They both have settled in quite well and after some early activity have retired to the bed compartment of their hutch for an afternoon siesta.

We are expecting two more rabbits later this afternoon...Barney Boop and Daisy Doop, who again stayed with us last year.

Tomorrow sees the arrival of Poppy rabbit and three guinea pigs named Chutney, Gizmo and Curly. We look forward to meeting them all.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Information #1 - Flystrike.

Don't let your bunny get Flystrike

Flystrike occurs when there is an infestation of maggots. Green bottle flies lay eggs in warm damp places, such as wet fur on animals. The eggs hatch a day later, and the larvae/maggots eat into the flesh of your rabbit. Flystrike usually occurs around the rabbits anus. As the maggots grow, they eat further into the rabbit an, generally, if it is not found in time, the rabbit will have suffered so much that it has to be put down.

If your rabbit has flystrike, take it to your local vets immediately. The vet will clip away the fur and remove the maggots. The vet may also prescribe antibiotics to help fight infection and an antibacterial skin cleanser just to bathe the skin which will help the sore spots.

To help prevent flystrike follow these simple rules.

1. Remove all soiled bedding daily

2. Ensure that your bunny is not being overfed, as this can result in diarrhoea, leading to a dirty groin.

3. Feed greens and fruit in moderation, as some rabbits can not tolerate an over-abundance of green food, again leading to diarrhoea and a dirty bottom. For the same reason, take care when putting you bunny out on the lawn in the summer, not to allow too much access to fresh grass.

4. Check your rabbit twice daily to ensure that it is clean and dry. This includes house rabbits, who can also be at risk.

5. Disinfect hutches every week.

Remember - Cleanliness is the key to beating and preventing flystrike!

Timmy Gin

A quick update on Timmy. He has been with us for the last 6 days and was on some antibiotics when he arrived. Due to the fact that his respiratory problem had not cleared up sufficiently we took him to the vets for a check up.

It appears that Timmy needs to have a longer course of medicine to help him get well.

He is fine in himself and eating and drinking and we will keep you updated as to his progress.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

RIP Barnsley

It is with much sadness I announce the passing away of Barnsley rabbit yesterday morning.

He was a much loved bunny and will be sorely missed, not least by Sharon and myself, and he was due to stay with us from this coming Friday. He has been with us on several occasions over the last few years and was a charming little man.

He often sat on his little bed on the sofa with us in the evening while we watched tv and was a great companion.

Our condolences go to his owners, Clare, Mike and Catherine at this sad time.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Oscar & Mooey

Weather here pretty rubbish today so not much outside playtime for the rabbits.

Oscar has made more progress today and is spending more time on his feet, especially while he is eating. We think that his time with Mooey over the last few days has helped him enormously.

Their owners, Sean and Kathryn came to collect Mooey this evening and to check on the progress of Oscar. They were very happy to see how has improved and he is with us for another week.

Timmy Gin, who has a cold, has also improved, although he does not like his medicine as it tastes quite horrible. We are thinking of ways to make it more palatable for him.

Posted a picture of Alfie, our German lop, on the Petplan website yesterday.

They are going for a world record attempt for photographs of pets posted. Maybe if you are a Petplan customer you could post a picture of your pet?

Friday, 17 July 2009

New Arrivals

This handsome chap is Timmy, who is with us for the whole of the summer holidays.

This is Mooey who arrived yesterday to cheer up her partner Oscar who has not been too well of late. It must have worked as he is back on his feet today, albeit a bit wobbly. He had some porridge oats at breakfast and this must have given him the energy needed to stand up.

Harvey and Parker went home today after a three week stay, and they are back again in a few weeks. It was Harvey's idea to give Oscar the oats, as he and Parker have them every day.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Mooey and Timmy

Today was another day of two halves, with the weather being nice in the morning but with heavy rain in the afternoon and evening. Those bunnies that were out needed snorkels and flippers......ha ha!! Only joking!

We have a newcomer this evening..Mooey rabbit, who has come to stay for a few days with her partner Oscar. Oscar has been with us for a few weeks as he has been unwell and we have been looking after him for his owners because he needed constant care and attention. Hopefully having Mooey by his side will cheer him up.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to the arrival of an old friend....Timmy Gin....who has stayed with us on numerous occasions and is with us for the whole of the summer holidays. His owner, Edward, is away on holiday with his parents, and we hope he makes use of this blog to keep up to date with Timmy's adventures here at Blackberry Boarding.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Harvey Speaks

Further to my recent post, I have been told by Harvey that, not only is he friendly but also sexy, despite being of the older generation. Sorry Harvey for not mentioning that before.

A day of two halves today. Rain and wind in the morning, and bright sunshine in the afternoon. All the bunnies were quite happy to stay in this morning as it was quite wet and windy, but they are all getting their turn in the garden this evening to make up for it.

Primrose and Lily degu are going home this evening. We are sad to see them go as they have been quite vocal and we will miss the warbling and singing noises they make. I'm sure though they will be glad to be home with Sue and Neil after being apart for so long.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Weather whatever!!!

Well, the weather today has been changeable to say the least and the bunnies have not known whether to wear sunscreen or sou'westers!!
Luckily we are well stocked with covers for all the runs and nobody got wet.

Apart from the weather all is well in bunny camp as we gear up for a busy summer.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Oldest Resident

We still have our oldest resident, Harvey, with us at present. He is 13 years old and is a small dutch rabbit. He is a very friendly rabbit who loves sitting in the sun, despite the shade we provide for him. I guess his old bones need the warmth?

We have also been looking after two Degu's for the last few weeks. These belong to some friends of ours, Sue and Neil, and have been a delight to look after. They are such friendly and inquisitive creatures. Like our two (yes, we have some too) they spend the majority of the day running on their wheel. Degu can run 3 km each a day, so the wheel is a necessity and not just a toy.

Sunday, 12 July 2009


Welcome to Blackberry Boarding. We will be using this blog to keep owners informed of any updates relating to their bunnies and guinea pigs and to post photographs of their stay with us.

We hope that you will find this useful and will make your time apart from your pet less stressful.

We are coming up to our most busy time of the year during the school summer holidays and we are looking forward to seeing some old friends and some new furry faces also. Lets hope that the weather during this time is not as hot as it was a few weeks back, but not so rainy as we have had recently. This will make it pleasant for the animals and also for us, the cleaning crew!!

If you are boarding with us over the next few months please make a note of the website address and we promise regular updates of your pets holiday.