Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Biggles The Amazing Bunny

We are always pleased to have the pleasure of taking care of the elderly bunnies and usually treat them with special care and ensure that they have lots of fuss and love.  When a bunny gets to 10 this is a very good age and normally they would start to show signs of slowing down and have various health issues.  This boy however, is something quite short of amazing, he loves coming out in our bunny playroom and runs around with endless energy.  We gave him a soft toy bunny to give him a little bit of company and he loves this bunny, spending most of the day bonking it silly.  Here are some photos of Biggles with his bunny friend.

Friday, 27 July 2012


A few days ago we posted a picture of a lovely grey Rex called Squirrel and said he had a partner who was camera shy. Well this is that partner, Buttercup, who decided to pose for the camera on this occasion, although we had to bribe her with some nice fresh hay in her tray.

Gromit alone

A bit like Sparky and Cuddles in the previous post Gromit is not normally far from his brother Wallis, but on this occasion Gromit spotted some nice grass and decided to keep it for himself.

Sparky and Cuddles

Here are Sparky and Cuddles, who are with us for a long weekend. These girls seem to do everything together and where one goes the other is not far behind. We waited for the sun to go down a little this evening before putting the girls out in a run, which they really seemed to enjoy.

Tigger Tucks In

This is Tigger the guinea pig, who is with us once again. She is five and a half years old now but seems in great condition for her age. We decided to get some grass from our garden for the indoor animals to try, and as you can see it went down a treat.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Summer's Here At Blackberry Boarding

Buddy & Holly

Buddy & Holly


Scampi & Chips


Minnie & Nibbles

Minnie & Nibbles

Minnie & Nibbles



Well, summer is finally here at Blackberry Boarding, and we have had a large influx of animals over the last week.
Here we have a selection of some of them, including Buddy and Holly, Puffle, Scampi & Chips, Alfie, Minnie & Nibbles, Coco and finally Squirrel.
Both Coco and Squirrel do have partners, but these were particularly camera shy today, and we shall try again tomorrow.
We have had to do everything possible to keep the animals cool in this hot weather, including using large parasols, cool water, ice bottles, plenty of the type of veg that has a high water content, including water melon! This all seems to have worked okay and so far we have manged to keep them all fairly comfortable. All we need to do now is find a way to keep Sharon & Chris cool whilst working in the garden.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Rufty & Tufty Guinea Pigs

Here are Rufty and Tufty guinea pigs and as you can see they were not that keen on having their photo taken.  Both have enjoyed time out in the garden and are very settled.

Thunder & Lightening

Here we have 2 boy rabbits who normally have time out in the garden together but don't get on well enough to share a hutch but we have put them next to one another and they seem to like the fact they can have a bit of a bunny banter every now and again.  Both are well and quite settled.

Sugar & Barley Goos

Here we have a couple of very cute Goos, Sugar & Barley are both 2 years old and very inquisitive.  They are quite bouncy and have the odd disagreement but generally get on quite well.  They also enjoy having time out in their ball and today had some time out in our kitchen area.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Alfie Gin

Our old friend Alfie is back for his summer holidays, well we say old but he is of course a young boy and has settled very well.  When he came over his owner asked if we could find some toys for him as he had mislaid Alfie's bag of toys.  We found some rabbit toys which we hope he will find amusing.  Today he also had a grassy tunnel which he loves.

Woody Budgie

Here is Woody who arrived yesterday and has settled well.  He is a very good looking chap and quite lively.

Ollie Guinea Pig

Here is Ollie who is also enjoying his stay with us and has settled very well.  He spent some time out side yesterday in one of our runs and was chatting to our boys, Wallace & Grommit.


Nibbles goes home this weekend and he has been a very good boy.  Here he is chilling in our bunny play room and seems to be quite relaxed.


Here is Ollie who came to stay with us for a short break and he was quite a character.  Ollie loves attention and was very happy when we were spending time with him. 

Sunday, 15 July 2012


Moo spent some time today in out kitchen area and has settled very well.  She loves lots of cuddles and her favourite foods are grapes, water melon, cue and celery.  Moo has to have high water content veg and fruit to ensure she has enough fluids.  She has recovered very well from her hernia operation she had earlier this year.

Nibbles & Fudge

Nibbles had some playtime out on our patio today and Fudge was out as well but kept hiding so we could not get her in the photos.  Nibbles and Fudge are doing really and seem very happy.