Saturday, 29 June 2013

Current Guests

Here are some of our current guests staying at Blackberry Boarding. All are well and seem to have settled in with no worries.

Lily Tortoise

Sweetpea & Petal

Ginny Hamster


Nibbles relaxes

Ginny ready for her exercise


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Ollie & Cookie

Ollie & Cookie are having a great time at Blackberry Boarding lots of cuddles and time out playing on our patio area.  Cookie is only allowed small portions of veg but you can see from the pic he really enjoys them. Ollie is more relaxed now and was skipping around outside today, must have been the excitement of a bit of sunshine.  Both are happy and well.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Ollie & Cookie

We have Ollie & Cookie staying with us for a couple of weeks and both have settled in very well.  They have had time out on our patio area playing although they are not a bonded pair do get along quite well.  We have quite a bit of rain here today so not sure outside play will be an option so probably time out in the kitchen will be a better option.  Cookie is only 23 weeks old and super cute but of course he knows it...??  Ollie is more quiet and laid back but very sweet and has recently lost quite a bit of weight, so well done Ollie!!

Tortuga & Junior

Here are two very cute tortoise, we have seen Tortuga before but he now has a new friend called Junior and they have been getting along just fine.  Even sharing the same food bowl although we are quite sure there is plenty for the two of them.  At home they have been living separately but we have been watching them very carefully and feel there are no issues and it will be great for them to go home and share the same home.  Both lead slightly different sleeping patterns of course, Junior never gets up before lunch and is back to his bed by 6.00 p.m. but I am quite sure they will find an agreeable time to get up and to to bed.