Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Monty Wilson Jarvis

Monty is on his holidays with us this week and has been playing upstairs in our indoor facilities.  He loves running around and playing with his tunnel and cardboard box.  He is a friendly little chap and will come bouncing over to say hello when you go upstairs to see him. 

Piggies and More Piggies

We have quite a selection of piggies staying with us over the May Bank Holiday and here are a few photos of some of them.  From some quite large ones to some small ones but all are very friendly.

Poppy & Oscar

Here are two old friends back to stay with us and today they were not really up for having their photo taken as you can see each of them both trying to investigate how far they could venture out on to the top of their run.

Sammy & Mindy

Both these buns are foster buns and live with Jack & Saffy's owners.  They have also enjoyed some playtime today out on one of our patio areas and although Mindy has recently not been too well she seem much better now.

Jack & Saffy

Jack & Saffy having a lunch time snooze (well Jack is) Saffy as always on guard and looking a elegant as ever.  Both are well and have been out in their run in the evening time waiting for their tea!

Honey Relaxing

Honey is continuing to do what she does best and here are a few photos of her relaxing in our kitchen and in a bed which as soon as she caught sight of, was in it and decided it was hers for keeps.  She is really friendly and all of our clients have commented how lovely she is.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Rusty Playtime

Rusty has been having fun out on our other patio and never seems to stop dashing around.  She is a funny little rabbit and also very friendly.  Rusty is a mini lop and although the smallest of the lop eared breeds she really loves her food! 

Honey Relaxes

Honey our Lady French staying with us found some sunshine today and was having a little snooze on the patio area.  She is a very friendly and lovely natured bun, quite typical of the frenchies.  Honey is staying with us for almost a month so we look forward to getting to know her. She is currently residing in our kitchen area and is very settled already.

Sunday, 22 May 2011


We have a very friendly bun staying with us this week, he has been know to be quite the escape artist, hence his name but he seems to be quite content with his double hutch and run attached.   Here are some photos we took earlier but he wasn't too keen on being picked up, as you can see from his face.

Shelley the Tortoise loves his Warm Bunny Hot Water Bottle

We have a tortoise staying with us at the moment and these creatures really do love to sunbath and are much more active when they are in the sunshine. We had such a windy day yesterday and very little sun we gave him a warm hot water bottle with a soft bunny cover on it.  Quite amazingly he moved straight on to it and seemed quite contented to stay there and even eat his food from that position.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Alfie & Milly

Here are a couple of our own rabbits Alfie & Milly playing in our garden.  Both buns have been bonded for quite sometime now, although it took us nearly 2 mths they are very much together now and happy.

Shelley the Tortoise

Here is Shelley enjoying some grass and sunshine.

Wallace & Gromit

Here are a couple pics of our guinea pigs having a cuddle.  They are growing quite a bit now and becoming very friendly.


Ben is back with us for a few days and here he is out relaxing in the sun today.  We are supposed to be having a heat wave over the weekend so all being well he will have lots of time outside in the sunshine.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Snowball Visits Us

We had a super white bun come to stay with us for a few days.  She was recovering from being neutered and we looked after her for her owner, Sophie.  Here is Snowball outside in one of our large runs and she looks very well considering she only had her operation the day before.