Monday, 28 May 2012

Lela Latte (dutch) and Mocha came to us earlier this year.  We adopted Mocha and re adjusted his diet to help him lose some weight and prevent him from getting dirty.  He is now very much a slim Mocha.  His little friend Lela Latte was a Pets at Home adoption center bunny and came to us as we felt Mocha would benefit from having a little friend. Both buns get on very well and enjoy having time out on our lawn.  Both these bunnies have had a bit of a rough start in life, Mocha was left in a garden when his first owners were evicted from their home and lucky for him a kind neighbour took him in and cared for him before he came to us.  Lela was actually found running around the Pets at Home car park and staff concluded that she had been left there as a cardboard box was also found in the car park.  Sadly people do some quite strange and irresponsible things when it comes to unwanted bunnies. 

New Boy in the Camp "Vinnie"

We have added another boy to our bunny family and he is just eight weeks old  and very cute.  He has started to come over and say hello now and is slowly getting to know us.  Vinnie is a french lop and although at the moment very tiny will grow into a big bun when he is older.  He gets tired quickly at the moment and will throw himself on his side and snooze quite frequently during the day.

They say the size of a bunny is determined by his back feet, going by these feet he is going to be quite large!

Bun Bun and Mrs Brown

Here we have a couple of bunnies who are with us for three weeks.  Bun Bun and Mrs Brown are now staying in one of our large outdoor hutches which is underneath our gazebo for extra protection from the sun.  We have had such high temperatures we had to move them out of our main shed as during the day the temperature reached nearly 30 degrees.  During the hot weather over heating can be very dangerous for bunnies and they seem much happier outdoors in the fresh air.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Woody & Bonny

Here are our two biggest guests in the camp, Woody and Bonny who do look very contented and in love.  Woody is a french/conti cross and nearly 7 kg so not very pickupable and Bonny not far behind him.  They are both lovely natured buns and we love having them. 


Moo is looking extremely well following her operation a few weeks back.  It lovely to see her looking so well and here she is sunbathing on our patio

Hermes Tortoise

Hermes is becoming very friendly these days and comes over to the glass to say "HI" to us.  He is quite a strong minded tortoise and knows what he wants and here we have him taking a glance at himself in the glass and checking out his good looks and one getting ready for tea.


Here is Houdini who is a rather busy bun and its not easy to take a photo of him as he never stops running around.  Even though it is rather hot today, this did not deter him and here we have a few shots taken but some are a bit hit and miss.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Here is Hermes the tortoise who has settled well.  He is quite an active tortoise and we hope over the next month to get to know him more.  We bought him a small heat mat and he settled on this and finds it warm and relaxing.


Here is Dunky who is staying with us this weekend and she has a new furry tunnel and she really loves it.  Dunky is off home today but has enjoyed having playtime in our kitchen and hallway.