Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Here is our little mini lop visitor, Rusty who is extremely active in her cage and has managed to completely re arrange it.  We will get her out today for some playtime in the sun, as she is quite a busy bunny and like to run around and play.


Here is Buttons who is with us for the week, she is a very friendly lady and we have introduced her to a double tiered hutch this week which seems to like and has spent quite a bit of time in the upstairs area looking out rather than playing in the sunshine on the patio.  We have watched her use the ladder to the downstairs part but we think she just prefers have a room with a view. 

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Pickles has been staying with us this week following an operation on his abdomen.  He went home today and is much better.  We have been syringe feeding him and taking care of his medication.  We hope he continues to improve and get better soon.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dougal & Holly

Yes we have to report that Dougal and Penny are no more the bonding was not going very well and therefore we decided to find Dougal another possibly girlfriend.  Holly is much quieter and very gentle natured and we are hoping after some work with them that good news can be reported.  Today they have their first meeting and all went quite well and tomorrow I am hoping they can spend the day together, fingers crossed!  
It was quite sad having to take Penny back to the rescue but she was quite a strong willed rabbit and sometimes its just not meant to be.  He has already given Holly a little face wash/nibble and has been frantically chasing her and oddly enough these are all good signs.  Holly is a very beautiful sooty fawn lop and we are sure that Dougal has already fallen in love with her.  He was skipping around the run and then ran over to the side of the enclosure and threw himself on his side, this is a sign that a rabbit is very happy.

When bonding bunnies we keep them side by side 24 hrs a day and they can see and smell one another through the wire and then each day you have them out, supervised, and let them run together and if any arguments or indications of a fight occur then you have to intervene and prevent this happening.  It can be quite a stressful time for owners and bunnies!

Easter Visitors

We have been very busy this week with lots of visitors and have got a little bit behind with blogging.  However, here is a few of our current boarders who are all well and very settled.


Rocky & Pebbles


Jack & Saffron

Mindy Moops


Monday, 9 April 2012

Honey & Marmalade

Two more guinea pigs staying with us who are new to Blackberry Boarding but both are well and have enjoyed lots of cuddles and fuss.  When we did have a bit of sunshine they enjoyed some time out in one of our runs.  These two piggies are quite young and nervous but are very friendly when you handle them.

Fudge & Squeak

Here are Fudge & Squeak a couple of very pretty guinea pigs who are staying with us this week and they have both settled well and have been enjoying some of the lovely fresh hay and vegetables on offer.

Toto & Cottontails

Here are a couple of old friends back with us this week and they have settled in very well.  Unfortunately, we have no sunshine so they were being sensible and staying in the dry in their hutches.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Penny & Dougal

We have two bunnies in camp who I am bonding at the moment and so far all the signs are quite good, there has been some chasing and jumping around in our kitchen area but we are hopefully that these two will soon become best friends.  Here are some photos of them in our kitchen area and at one point they actually touched noses so that was very cute.