Thursday, 28 October 2010

Donny & Fern

After the rain stopped this morning we put Donny and Fern out in a run. They are usually house rabbits, but can go out on warmer days. They are very quiet and gentle rabbits and are quite happy to just sit, snooze and eat hay.

Bobbit & Bea

Here are Bea and Bobbit, who have been outside today, once the rain had stopped. Bobbit wasn't too sure about the whole thing, but Bea seems to enjoy running around. She is only very young, and as you can see from her photo, very inquisitive.

Little Mice

We have four tiny mice staying with us this week and here are two of them, they are very quick and only come out at night so it was not very easy to get pics of them.

Blitzen Piggy

Blitzen gin pig is back with us this week and has been having some fun out in a run and eating lots of grass.  The weather has not been too great so some of the times out have only been for a short while but he seemed to really enjoy his time out.

Timmy Update

Little Timmy continues to recover.  We are still feeding him four times a day to ensure he is getting all the nutrition he needs along with fluids.  Unfortunately, Timmy lost a lot of weight recently due to a course of antibiotics and now he needs building up.  We have noticed him eating small amounts of vegetable and fruit on his own and some dried grass and hay so we hope that he will soon be better.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Bella, Jem & Lilli Rats

We cleaned out the rats today and gave their cage a bit of a spruce up. Of course the girls had to come out  for this to happen, and so we took the opportunity to take their photos.
Bella, at the top, is the most confident and is always first up for any treats and likes to know what is going on. Jem, second, is the oldest of the three, but despite her age still gets around the cage OK and loves her food.
Lastly we have Lilli, who is the shyest of them all and was the hardest one to get a photo of, as she was continually on the move.
They are lovely girls and very friendly, considering they don't know us really, and we have come to like them a lot.

Monday, 25 October 2010


Tallula our foster bun has been enjoying some sunshine today and we caught her relaxing earlier and thought she looked very cute.  Tallula is a dental bun and has to have regular trips to our vet to have her teeth clipped but she is quite a determined little bun and will give you special kisses. 

Sparky & Cuddles

Sparky & Cuddles have also been enjoying some time out on our new lawn today and they also enjoyed themselves.  We gave them a large green tunnel to play with and both thought this was a great game dashing through the tunnel.  It was quite hard to take their pic as they were so fast and kept running away from the camera shot.

Giselle and Bert

Giselle & Bert have been enjoying time playing out in the run today and seemed to enjoy the new lawn, yes we have had to renew our turf again, unfortunately it received quite a hammering from our guests during the summer so we decided to get it re done for the winter.

Rodney & Sophie

Rodney & Sophie arrived today and these two have also settled in well.  Sophie is a little headtilt bun and has made a remarkable recovery and although she still has a tilted head nothing stops her when she is determined to get somewhere or reach some food.

Bobbit & Bea

We had a few new arrivals today and Bobbit and Bea have settled in well.  Bea is only 3 mths old and a little sweetie.  Bobbit is slowly coming round to us although he was very quiet for a few hours.  Both of them ate their tea this evening and are now relaxing.

Communication With Blackberry Boarding

Hi all.

Just to let you know we are changing our Broadband Service Provider today and so it is quite possible that there will be some problems with receiving and sending emails whilst this process is taking place. Also updates to the blog may have to wait.

If you do need to contact us about anything then please use the phone. Our numbers are 01452 729320 or 07798 554527.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Dozer & Titch Tortoise

The tortoise are back and this time they have brought their house with them which has central heating and special heat lamps.  Here is Titch sunbathing and Dozer doing what he does best "dozing".

Lilli Rat

We managed to persuade Lilli to have her photo taken and here she is in her hammock bed.

Bella, Jem & Lilli Rats

We have three rats staying with us this week, 2 younger ones and an older one called Jem.  Jem is 2 yr and 3 mths which is a very good age for a rat and here she is enjoying a little bit of garlic bread.  The younger ones were a little bit camera shy although Bella did peak out of her igloo to say hello.  All of them are very friendly and seem to enjoy most foods we give them.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Anything Left For Me?

Sausage looks into Chutney's bowl and spots the one biscuit left at the bottom and wants it for herself!!!

These two girls are regular visitors and are staying for the weekend. They are extremely friendly and very active and curious. They are pretty good at sharing their food but I'm not sure on this occasion??


This is Nutmeg, one of our older guests, having his tea. Despite his age he seems quite alert and very friendly and always comes to see what is going on. We always put him in a higher hutch so that he can look out and keep an eye on all the activity in the garden.

Woody and Poppy

Our two largest guests are with us this weekend, Woody and Poppy, the Continental Giants. Poppy has not been well lately, as it seems the medicine she takes for her arthritis is upsetting her tummy.
Her owners are endeavouring to rectify things along with the help of their vet Jason Burgess, and we hope that she soon gets better.
As you can see, she uses her partner Woody as a cushion to help alleviate the pain in her joints, and he seems quite happy to oblige.

Tmmy Gin Update

As reported a few days ago, Timmy the guinea pig has not been well of late, and had spent some time at the Woods Animal Hospital.  He is now with us until next Sunday and we are continuing the care already provided by the vet.
Timmy needs to be syringe fed 3 - 4 times a day, as he has lost quite a bit of weight and needs to put it back on. This is in addition to his normal food. 
He is also having drops in his eyes 3 - 4 times daily.
Timmy is quite a good patient and we hope to see some improvement in his condition, and his weight, over this coming week.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Shyla Lexi and Kyri Degu

Well, here are some more of our three new additions, Kyri, Lexi & Shyla. Kyri seems to have hogged the limelight, as she appears in most of these photos, but the other two did get a look in at the end.

We are very glad that Shyla has managed to settle in with the other two so quickly, and indeed seems a more confident goo since. Her previous 'Mummy' had been keeping them side by side for quite a while, which made our job of putting them together so much easier.

As you can see, Kyri is very houseproud, and spends a lot of time keeping it in good order.....not!!! Ha Ha!!! In fact they all spend a lot of time moving hay, straw and everything else from one part of the cage to another. The rest of the time is spent on the wheel, eating and sleeping.

We are now keeping the three girls cage next to our other two (Monica and Gabriella) so as they can get used to each other over the next few months, before attempting to introduce them to each other. We will keep you posted on how we get on.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Timmy Gin

We have heard that Timmy gin is not well at the moment and currently in the Wood Animal Hospital.  Timmy comes to stay with us regularly and we were sorry to hear that he is not well.  We do hope he has a speedy recovery and I am sure you all wish him well.

Naboo and Poppy

We haven't reported on our two long stay boarders for a while but they are both doing very well and continue to enjoy their food, treats and snuggles.  Poppy so loves her food and sometimes we feel that this is far more important than any attention we give her.   Little Naboo is more up for his fuss and loves snuggles and ear tickles.  Here they are enjoying their tea and both are eating as fast as they can.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Peter Rabbit

Here is Peter rabbit having his tea. He is a very nice friendly chap and loves to stand up on his hind feet doing a meercat impression.

Sparky & Cuddles

This is Sparky and Cuddles, the two guinea pigs who are with us until next week. They both live up to their names, which means that Sparky is quite wriggly and very vocal, while Cuddles is more gentle and more easily handled. 
They are both very vocal though when it comes to feeding time and their loud squeaks can be heard right across the garden.

Shyla Lexi and Kyri Degu

We now have three new furries in the camp and these are  female degu who we have taken in as their previous owner had decided, for very genuine reasons to re home them.  We do already have two degu, The Cheeky Girls, Gabriella and Monica and the original plan was to get one more female but it is unusual for one to become available so we decided to takes these lovely little girls on.  Lexi and Kyri already live together and are bonded and Shyla lost her friend a while back.  Our first task is to get the girls together and then slowly introduce them to The Cheeky Girls.  Here they are in the sand bath and we are quietly confident that they will soon all be running around happily together.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


We have a new girl in the camp, Gracie who is only 7 mths old and is very friendly.  She loves cuddles and attention and is just with us for five days.  She has been enjoying time out in a run during the day and comes in at night.  Gracie is a house bun and is very beautiful.

Sunday, 10 October 2010


Firstly, sorry to even mention this in October but we do already have quite a few guests booked in for the Christmas Holiday Period.  Therefore, if you do need our help during this time, please let us know as soon as you can, so as we can accommodate your furry friend.

Naboo & Poppy Breakfast Time

Poppy & Naboo getting ready for breakfast and then tucking into their food and as always Poppy getting the lion's share!

Valentino Chill Time

We have seen some activity from our boy in the morning and this has been playing with a "Wigwam" toy which he had about 4 mths ago and never touched.  However, it has been a constant amusement for him recently and as always he is looking for a back exit.  Here he is relaxing after a rather strenuous 5 minutes with the Wigwan!