Saturday, 27 February 2010

Nugget & Poppy - Playing in the Rain

Nugget and Poppy are two new guests were itching to get out to have some playtime today but the rain never seemed to stop. We ended up putting them in a large run with a cover over and some hay boxes to keep dry in. This was great for a while but both managed to get quite wet feet. Here they are getting dry. Nugget decided to dry his feet on Chris' fleece and under protest I managed to dry Poppy in a towel.

Rosy & Skylark - Sleepless Night

Rosy & Skylark are old friends who have stayed with us before and are a lovely pair bunnies. However, last night in our new indoor set up, they were obviously not happy about their accommodation. Skylark insisted on stamping on a continuous basis and bearing in mind they are adjacent to our bedroom this as you can imagine did interrupt our sleep. We have now moved them downstairs to our hallway where hopefully tonight everyone in the house hold will get some shut eye. Here they are looking quite innocent in our kitchen area whilst we transferred the pen and their things.

Worrying Times for Naboo & Poppy

Today we heard the terrible news about the earthquake in Chile and as Naboo & Poppy's Bunny Mom & Dad are currently in Santiago we were anxious to hear they were safe. We received an email advising us of this and we were pleased to hear that all was well with them although such a shocking thing to have happened.

We understand that they will be moving on from Santiago quite soon and I am sure the bunnies are wishing them well on their next leg of the journey.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Valentino is Getting to Grips with his new Leg

Tino is starting to have some time out of his cage, supervised of course but is doing very well and adapting to his strange leg. We are not quite sure what he was trying to do in the curled up picture, one minute he was led out flat and the next he rolled round in a ball like a cat, but must admit he looks very content. He is also managing to get on and off his litter tray which is another good thing.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Nugget & Poppy

Nugget and Poppy are starting to trust us more especially Poppy who was much more nervous on arrival. We hope over time she will become more relaxed. Both have been out today in our large, covered run and seem to enjoy having a good run around.

Valentino Get Comfortable on his Teddy

Tino is struggling to adjust to his new bandage and the vet said it would take at least 24hrs. He found a comfy position today and ended up resting his leg on his soft toys. He is getting lots of cuddles and TLC and we do hope this will keep him stress free and able to adapt more easily to his damaged leg. Thank you for all the get better messages you have sent him. Rabbits bones do heal quicker than ours but it still takes about three weeks.


Little Mouse has been with us this week and today enjoyed some time outside for a while in one of our covered runs. Mouse is a very active little bunny for his age, 8 years and this is the second time he has come to stay with us. He is very cute.

Naboo & Poppy Bedtime Treats

Both Naboo and Poppy are totally at ease with us now and both will try and climb all over you when you are handing out bedtime treats. As you can see from the pics Naboo was very enthusiastic this evening and after treats they have a handful of Timothy hay which they both love.

Bandage? What bandage??

Well!! Here is Valentino after returning this morning from the vet, with a large blue bandage to keep his leg immobilised so that the bones can heal properly.

This is the second bandage to be tried, as the one put on yesterday only lasted until this morning as he had managed to wriggle out of it. Luckily he did not have to be operated on, as the x-rays showed that trying to pin the bones was not an option, and that by immobilising the leg the bones should knit together on their own.

As you can see he is receiving lots of 'mummy cuddles' and has already had a new bed to make sure he is comfortable during his recuperation. This and plenty of parsley and other nice herb treats are taking his mind off of his big blue bandage.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Valentino is Home

Tino is home but looking very sad, he has a sling bandage wrapped completely around his chest with his front leg strapped up. Looks very uncomfortable and we have to keep a close eye on him to ensure he doesn't get stressed out with it. At the moment he is still very sleepy but has eaten some veg and a few bits of Science Select. He has two breaks in his front leg close to his elbow. Our vet showed us his X-ray which clearly showed both breaks. Its quite incredible to think he did this last Saturday night and although he has been on Metacam he has been running around on 3 legs and this just goes to show how good rabbits are at hiding their pain. We will keep you posted on how he progresses.

Valentino - Having an Op today

Our poor boy was diagnosed today by our regular vet, Jason Burgess at the Wood Animal Hospital and it seems he has done more damage than we first thought. He has to have further X-rays to confirm this but it appears that he has a fracture and needs to have his front leg pinned. We are all very anxious in the house waiting to hear later today that all has gone well and will keep you posted.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Valentino if Poorly

Yes our dear boy has hurt is front paw. We tend to allow him out in the evenings and he does jump up on most of the chairs and normally managed to be quite agile. Unfortunately, Saturday night he jump off one of our indoor pens and managed to land very awkwardly and has twisted his front paw. We immediately gave him metacam for pain relief and cage rest and following an examination on Monday morning no fracture is suspected but he is going tomorrow for a follow up and to see if an X-ray is required. Poor boy does look quite sad but still manages to move quite quickly on 3 legs when food is in the offing. He also loves his metacam as you can see from the pics.

We say Hello to Nugget and Poppy

Yes we now have two Poppys in the camp now although this one is only 5 mths old, she looks very cute but at the moment is quite scared and not used to being handled too much so we are hoping to get her more used to that over time. Nugget is a rex cross and after a short run out on our patio area today we found out he is the second "Red Rum" and he managed to jump up on top of one of our hutches so their time out had to be cut short. Tomorrow we will set up a covered over run for them to have a play in. Nugget and Poppy are with us for a few weeks as their owners are in the forces and have returned to duty.

Naboo & Poppy Say Goodbye to their Friends

Naboo & Poppy are back to normal now and back to being tidy. We said goodbye to Smudge, Suzy, Lola & Henry John last night and they are now just sharing with our rabbit Lottie and her friend Primrose who have been there since they arrived and they don't seem to worry about them. Naboo seems to have to convince Poppy he is her husbun when new bunnies stay over and Poppy seems to take to marking her territory with lots of poos. Rabbits are very strange creatures. Anyway here they are enjoying their tea.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Timmy Gin

Just a quick update on Timmy. We are pleased to report that he has gained a little bit of weight which is excellent news. He seems to be eating more food now and we are sure that he will soon be back to normal.

Suzy & Smudge

Suzy & Smudge are hard to tell apart but Suzy likes to keep Smudge under her control and you can usually tell who is who by picking out the bossy rabbit. Both are cute and tend to spend a lot of their day chilling but both love their food and soon wake up when its tea time.

Henry John & Lola

Both these bunnies always seem to be so full of fun and especially Henry who is so inquisitive and always investigating everything. Lola was quite ill earlier this year with Headtilt but as you can see has made a complete recovery and looks very well indeed.

Naboo & Poppy have Friends Staying

This week is half term and we are quite busy with boarders. Naboo & Poppy have a few friends staying in their room and at first we thought there might have been trouble in the camp but as you can see Naboo is all relaxed and quite happy after he had his tea. He did at first take to chasing Poppy round but soon got tired of that and then it was time to chill.

We have Lola and Henry John staying for a long weekend and Suzy and Smudge, all indoor bunnies. On Sunday we have another bunny coming to stay, Mouse, who came to stay with us at Christmas is coming back for a week.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Piggies, piggies everywhere!!!

On Monday we had the arrival of this group of 5 guinea pigs, all with the same owners.
They are housed in our 5ft, three tier hutch in the big shed, and seem very comfortable.
Obviously, the long haired two take a bit of extra care, as they need to be brushed regularly to keep their coats from getting tangled and matted. The others also need to be brushed (one the 'wrong way'), to keep them in good condition. The owners are going to 'show' some of these piggies, and so they need to be well groomed.

Slim Tim!!

We have our old friend Timmy staying with us for the half term holiday and he is a much slimmer version than we remember.
It seems he had some problems with his teeth recently and had to have some dental work done. Suffice to say he has not been up for his food of late as his mouth is still a little uncomfortable. This has led to a loss in weight, but nothing too drastic. Our vet has said that he will get better, but it will take some time before he is back to his old self. In the meantime we are weighing him every day just to be on the safe side. He is also being syringe fed some 'Critical Care' food, so as to make sure he gets all the right nutrients.
He is still as friendly as ever though, despite everything, and we always enjoy taking care of him.

Jack & Saffron

We have Jack and Saffron here with us for a few days this week. As you can see, they are taking advantage of a break in the rain to have a run out on the patio.
They are both very inquisitive rabbits and looked into every nook and cranny whilst getting their exercise for the day.
The vet came out to visit us yesterday to vaccinate all of our rabbits against myxomatosis, and Jack and Saffy were included in the number. They have shown no ill effects and have been their usual playful selves.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Naboo & Poppy Collage

As we have taken just a few pics of the dynamic duo we thought this collage would make a nice picture for Naboo & Poppy's Bunny Mom & Dad.

Naboo & Poppy

Today was clean up day in the bunny's room, we try to give it a good hoover and pick up all the hay every 2 - 3 days which Poppy and Naboo seem to enjoy scattering everywhere. Its quite amazing how they have three litter trays, two filled up with hay and they still seem to want to decorate their room with hay. We change the litter trays daily to ensure that they have plenty of fresh hay. We have been scatter feeding them this week, mainly to try and make it easier for Naboo to get more share of the food as Poppy can be quite a greedy bun at times. It quite simple and they seem to pick up every single morsel food. Naboo will sit quite happily in the big litter tray munching hay for ages and really enjoys it. They especially like the Timothy hay which they all have at bedtime with their treat.
As you can see Poppy was not feeling particularly sociable today and was more interested in what was in her tray.

Woody and Poppy - Big Buns

We have Woody and Poppy back today and they have settled in very well. Both buns enjoy full run of our patio area during the day and at night settle into their snug house with their microwaveable heat pad. We think Woody may have gain just a few pounds in weight compared to his picture taken last year. Poppy however, seems to have lost weight. So who has been eating all the biscuits then????

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Podge Piggy

We have an old friend in Bunny Camp this week, Podge Piggy who comes to stay with us quite often is back. He is an outdoor piggy but is living in our shed this week with the odd run out in the garden. Its got quite cold again and although guineas do tend to be hardy little creatures we didn't want him catching a chill. Podge is very friendly and loves having a cuddle and a brush.

Naboo & Poppy New Toys

Naboo and Poppy have quite a few toys on the shelf but we are just giving them a new one every so often and here they are with a Timothy Hay Rattle. Both seem quite interested that not only is it a new toy buts its edible. Bunnies seem to be in house moving mode and are constantly changing all their things around recently. Both boxes, wicker balls, tunnel, fluffy toys have all found new places including two socks which Naboo likes to carry around in his mouth.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Nearly Valentine's Day

Poppy - "Go on give us a kiss then". Naboo - "Get Lost, wait until Sunday"

Naboo and Poppy Chillaxing

Well here we have Naboo very relaxed, I think it must have been the radio station as we haven't seen him this relaxed up until now. Earlier on he was rushing around during room clean so possibly he wore himself out with the spurt of activity. Both bunnies are very settled now and eating lots of hay and producing loads of healthy looking poos which is excellent, as this indicates all is well in the basement department.

Valentino - DVD Night

We haven't reported on our boy for a while now as he has just lately become a bit of a couch potato and not really very active. This is quite typical of "frenchies! apparently but up until a month ago he was quite busy and always looking to what trouble he could get himself into. As you can see from the photo he is all set and ready for the next film. Who would have thought a rabbit would sit in a chair yet alone take any notice of the TV. Now you are all going to run out and buy DVDs for your bunnies aren't you!!!! Please don't we feel this was just a one off and knowing Tino his attention span would only last through the introductions.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Smiling for Mom

Naboo showing off and saying hello to his Bunny Mom & Dad who are currently in Buenos Aires studying a language to help them when travelling. We have had reports of lots of heavy rain there but all is going very well for them.