Thursday, 29 July 2010

Sausage & Chutney

These buns come to us quite regularly and we have noticed how much calmer they are now and although they enjoy having a good run/jump around, they also enjoy snoozing and relaxing. 


Freckles arrived yesterday and she is a very pretty rabbit and has a lovely nature.  This lady is nine and half years old and is fabulous for her age.  She does have some health problems at the moment though and is on some medication.  We are keeping a close eye on her but she seems quite happy and has been out in the run this afternoon.  We have given her a big box full of hay and she seems to enjoy getting in and out of it and munching the hay. Freckles was drinking quite a bit of water so we have given her a bowl as well as a bottle to help her.

Timmy Gin

Timmy had a trip to the vet this week to investigate his nose and the discharge he has.  The x ray that they took was not very clear as he was not anaesthetised.  Due to the fact that this problem has been ongoing for quite sometime his owners have decided to allow our vet to further investigate the problem.  Timmy will be going in for a GA on 11 August to have x rays and  his looked at properly. 

Winnie, Woody and Ronja Rabbits and Amanda & Anton Guinea Pigs

We have some old friends back with us from last year.  This group of bunnies and guinea pigs have travelled all the way from Germany and will be staying with us for the next three and half weeks.  Their family comes to the UK for a couple of months in the summer and during their holiday in Scotland the bunnies and guinea pigs come to stay with us.  Here they are out in the run this morning and we think Ronja was the most confident one and the two boys were huddling together wondering what was happening.  The piggies, Amanda and Anton have not been out today as we thought we would let them get properly settled and then they can go out tomorrow in a run in the garden. 

Monday, 26 July 2010

Jamie Rabbit

Jamie is such a great rabbit, he just wants to be your friend all the time.  Here he is relaxing after his tea.  He has all the colouring of a Dutch rabbit but so much bigger so we are not sure what his parents were but maybe a french but he is certainly a big boy.

Stanley B

We have a very cute, little (well big actually) hamster staying with us and we caught him waking up this evening and took some pictures.  Stanley enjoys attention and comes up for treats.  He loves his fresh food and we bought him a hamster chew stick which he has also been nibbling.


Naboo wanted us to post him tonight to say Hi to his Mom & Dad.  He wanted to send bunny love and nose rubs and says he misses them.  Poppy was too busy eating her tea to be photographed.  No change there!!!

Blitzen Piggy

Blitzen piggy is back with us again this year and he has grown even bigger.  Blitzen used to have a friend but now he is a house piggy and gets lots of attention and love.  He has spent today out in a run chatting to the girl piggy guests and has thoroughly enjoyed himself!! Here he is back in his hutch tonight.

Pepsi & Storm

Two more bunnies in bunny camp are Pepsi & Storm who arrived last week.  Both boys were originally bonded but after going to the vet to be neutered and being separated for only a short while the boys fell out and are now housed separately.  These buns are lucky as their owners bought them separate hutches and runs and kept them both, quite often in cases like this one bunny has to go, which is a shame.  Both the boys have been out on the patio playing today and each one had a great time.  Please keep this in mind if you have a bonded pair and one has to go to the vet for any reason, take the bonded rabbit along and keep them together.  Bunnies can fall out in a very short space of time.  The hardest ones to re bond are boys and sometimes they never re bond.

Timmy Gin is doing Well

Timmy is going into the vets tomorrow to have his x-ray and he will be staying there for the day and I will be collecting him at 6.30 p.m.  Timmy is eating very well now.   He is more comfortable now and we feel he is happier and certainly looks quite content here having a little snooze.  It was a shame to wake him for his picture.

Marv & Lucky

Marv & Lucky are quite settled now and are with us until September.  They are really friendly rabbits and are starting to trust us more.  We have been letting them out on our larger patio area to have a proper run around and they seemed to really enjoy this.  Its unusual to see two boy bunnies so happy together.

Mildred is so Cute

Little Mildred is still enjoying her holiday with us and has been outside today in a run as the weather has been so nice.  She jumps around and runs so fast we worry she might hurt herself.  She just get so excited. We have given her a crackly tunnel to play with which she loves.  Mildred goes home this week and we shall miss her.

Valentino likes the new chairs

We recently changed our sofa and chairs and of course Valentino had to give it his approval and we think from the picture he has picked his chair.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Valentino Meets Auntie Annie

We had some friends visit us today from Bournemouth Annie & Peter who we have not seen for quite sometime.  Annie used to have a bunny called Horace but is now without bunny so was keen to have a big cuddle with a rabbit volunteer and Valentino got the job.  We are not quite sure what he thought of it all.

Scampi & Chips

Two more guinea pigs in camp this week are Scampi & Chips who are both very friendly little piggies.  They have been out in the run today enjoying the grass and both were determined to stay out and it took us quite  while to catch them. 

Friday, 23 July 2010

Flo & Humphrey

Flo & Humphrey arrived today and are both a little bit shy, however they are settling in well and although these two are older buns they both seem quite active.  Flo has now worked out how to go up and down the ramp, which she is not normally used to.

Timmy Gin

Timmy had a check up with our own vet today and he has decided that Timmy should have an x-ray to investigate the problems he is having with his nose i.e. a discharge and also he has dry eye syndrome.  We will be taking Timmy to have his x ray sometime over the weekend.  In the meantime he is having drops twice daily in both his eyes to keep them moist and to also treat an ulcer in one of his eyes which has occurred due to the dry eye syndrome.  Our vet has noticed that Timmy has considerable bone deformation in his nose area and he cannot be sure what is causing this without further investigations.  On the plus side Timmy is well in himself  and  is eating very well.  He is also maintaining his weight.  We will keep you posted on Timmy's progress.

Minnie & Sherry

Here are Minnie and Sherry who also arrived along with Autumn and Poppy. These two girls are a bit more shy, although they too have enjoyed their time out in the garden this afternoon.

Autumn and Poppy

We have become inundated with guinea pigs over the last few days and these two arrived yesterday. They are of the Himalayan breed and are very active and friendly. They love their food and have had a great time out in a run on the grass today.

Jack and Saffron return

Saffron and Jack are also here along with Sammy and Mindy, and they have settled in really well. It is always good to see these two as they are a very loving couple, and Jack especially has become a very chilled out rabbit since being with Saffy.

Sammy & Mindy are back!!

Sammy and Mindy, who we used to foster, are back with us again. They are here for a holiday while their new foster parents are away.  It is really nice to see them once again, and looking so good.

Jamie Rabbit

Here is Jamie rabbit who arrived today and is a large Dutch. He is extremely friendly and loves to be stroked and fussed. He had a good run out on the patio this afternoon and really seemed to enjoy his time out.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Naboo & Poppy

Both the buns are doing well and although we have not had too many guests staying with them, this weekend we do have a family of 3 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs coming to stay.  We are not sure what they will make of that.  I guess their tidiness will go out the window as it always does due to other rabbit smells.  They have been outside on sunny days but today lots of rain so a day in listening to the radio and generally planning what naughty games they can get up to.  Naboo only yesterday made a bee line for our bedroom when I left the door open.  He is so quick and was soon investigating the bedside cabinet and I was so pleased we had recently changed the bed to a divan or he would have been straight under the bed and it would have taken me ages to retrieve him.  Naughty Boo.   We think Poppy may have regained some of her weight looking at the above picture.  Oh No! where is the Excel Lite?

Valentino Doing What he Does Best

We have not mentioned very much recently about Valentino but as usual he is doing what he does best and here he is having his afternoon nap.  Quite often we just let him out in the lounge and he has this one favourite spot behind the chair where he drifts off into a deep slumber.  He is quite the opposite first thing in the morning and is on a food mission to get as many pieces of banana and mini weetabix he can from us and we have re-named him Valentino Dyson as he goes around the chairs picking up crumbs.  Anyone would think we never fed him!

Mildred has a new Friend !

Mildred has a new friend to cuddle up to.  Sometimes when bunnies are on their own they miss their families, who of course are always round to play with them and so we often give them a soft toy.  Quite often they do end up washing it and cuddling into it.  Mildred seems to like her purple bunny we gave her along with a couple of rattly balls.  

We unfortunately broke her own bowl but as you can see we bought her a new pink one with bunnies on.  She is such a cute and friendly rabbit and everyone who visits wants to take her home with them.

Timmy Gin Enjoys his Tea

Timmy has recently lost a bit of weight so we are giving him lots of naughty food to try and increase his weight.  We have been trying different mixes and he seems to be quite fond of the Gerty Gin one and of course we have mixed in some of his normal food.  He has also been having some fruity treat biscuits.  Tea tonight was carrot tops, pepper, cue and a slice of melon which we think he enjoyed very much.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Lily Tortoise goes Tunneling

Lily was out in one of our larger runs today and we had left one of the tunnels in it which the bunnies love to play with, we hadn't thought for one moment it might amuse a tortoise but she was straight in it and was very intrigued.  We feel from the second photo Lily has certainly got her eye on everything going on around her.

Camera Shy Marv!!

This is Marv, who unlike Lucky was hard to catch on camera. He was not so chilled out and ran away every time I tried to take a photo, so in the end Sharon had to pick him up to get him to pose!!
He is not so up to be fussed or stroked, although his curiosity sometimes gets the better of him and he will come up to see what is going on!

Relaxed Lucky

Here is Lucky having a relaxing time on the patio area. He seems quite chilled as you can see. He is a lot more amenable for fuss and likes to be stroked.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Speedy the guinea pig!!

Here is Speedy, a guinea pig that the owners tell us is between 7 & 8 years old, which is a good age for a piggy. We had her out this morning so as to trim her nails, which needed cutting back, and we noticed that she is in very good condition generally for such an age.
This is the second year we have looked after Speedy and we think she is quite a lot friendlier and more outgoing than when we saw her before. She was very good sitting on my lap this morning and enjoying being fussed and stroked before her trim at the nail bar!


This is Humphrey who is staying with us until next week. He was originally named Benny when we picked him up from a local family who were unable to look after him any more. We fostered him for a while until some friends of ours decided to take him on as their own bunny and promptly renamed him Humphrey.
He is extremely friendly and loves his fuss, but he definitely did not like the wind yesterday. He refused to come out into his run and we had to protect the top half of his hutch with the cover so that he did not get blown about.

Marv & Lucky cuddle up

Marv and Lucky continue to enjoy their stay with us and have settled in really well. They did not however enjoy the weather yesterday, when the wind was blowing everything around and the rain was gusting in to the garden. Thankfully today the wind has dropped and the bunnies can get out in the runs for a play.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Naboo & Poppy Treat Stick

The buns have been working their way through their treat stick and we have been letting them have it for a few nibbles and then saving it for another night, however tonight as there was only a little bit left on the stick they had it to finish and as you can see it was a race to see who could get the most off the stick, both as determined as ever.  Bless!  I did'nt like to tell them we had another one in the cupboard.  Of course the only reason we are rationing this is because of dear Poppy's waistline.

Lily Tortoise

Lily remains in doors due to the temperature now dropping although she had a short spell  out today when the sun did manage to shine.  Lily loves going out in the garden but needs to have some sun or she becomes very inactive and cold.

Mildred tries out our Sofa

Mildred our little mini lop visitor joined us tonight in the lounge for some cuddles and a romp around on our sofa and as you can see she made her self completely at home on the cushions.  ssssshhhh! don't let on to Valentino.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tortoise update!

This is just to let the owners of Lily the tortoise know that we have decided to bring her inside the house today.
The temperature has dropped considerably and it has been raining for most of the day. We did not feel that Lily being outside was good for her. She was not eating as much and not moving around much either. 
We do know that tortoises cannot regulate their own temperature and use the sun or a heat lamp to get warm, which was fine when it was sunny, but now, with the rain and lower temperature we thought she might like to come indoors.
We will continue to monitor her progress and make sure she is kept warm and well fed.


Here is Mildred, a first time visitor to Blackberry Boarding, who is only 4 months old. She is a mini lop rabbit who arrived, with her owner of course, this morning.
She is very cute and also very friendly, as her owners have handled her a lot since she came into their lives. She was very playful this morning but is now lying down having a rest as she has tired herself out, although she may come to life again soon, as it is teatime.