Friday, 18 June 2010

Valentino Climbs up the Wall with Boredom


We try and keep him occupied and not get too bored whilst we are out during the day.  He had yet another toy... this one bought from the famous pound shop and  as you can see it was not really floating his boat.  We think he was actually more interested in the menu from the Greek Restaurant. 

You expect me to play with this thing!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Where to today Tino?

We asked Valentino to choose where we should go today, but he seemed to have trouble controlling the large map. Somewhere in Wales was his only suggestion!!

The upside of country living - fresh Dandelions for tea!

Valentino tucks in to his tea last night....fresh picked Dandelions from just outside the front door to the cottage.
He has been very good whilst we go out for the day, so it seems only fair to give him a treat on our return.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Another neighbour

As well as the pigs in the previous post, we also have this fine young gent as a neighbour. He spends all day roaming free around the garden and yard, and is generally quiet......that is until the evening, when he decides to let out some ear piercing screeches.
It is possible he is trying to compete against the Vuvuzelas playing on the TV??

Monday, 14 June 2010

Show Pigs

Some of Valentino's new friends he has met on holiday.  These are show pigs and certainly eat for England. 

Holiday Postcards

We tried to tell Valentino it was important to send his friends postcards but as you can see from the photo he was quite tired and really could not be bothered.  We left him home alone today for nearly 7 hrs as we visited St David's and on return home he made it quite clear that he was not impressed with us being out for so long.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Outdoor play for Valentino (pass the factor 30)!!

After some time playing with this bucket and spade we took Valentino outside on his lead. He met the owners of the cottage where we are staying and they were very impressed by such a well behaved rabbit ( if they only knew). He also met the resident pig (pictures to follow) and ate a few dandelions before having to have a rest.

Take me to the beach!!!

Here is Valentino playing with his bucket and spade that he got today. He cannot wait to get to the beach to try them out properly.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Valentino Gets Ready for His Holiday

We are off for a weeks holiday and "yes" Valentino is coming along with us, I am convinced of course that he would miss us terribly but we all know that as long as the food arrives on time and ears are appropriately stroked that bunnies do quite happily enjoy other human slave company. However, the point here that we will miss him very much so hence the holiday adventure for him. We are going to Pembrokeshire for a week and have booked a holiday cottage that takes pets so he will be quite welcome. I just hope he behaves himself and we have no extra costs to cover! We have been taking him for car rides to build up his confidence in travelling in the car and have had a few problems but generally he travels quite well. Its always an idea to take high water content veg along on a journey like celery/cucumber and some herbs to encourage them to eat. Rabbits are very unlikely to drink on a car trip even if water is offered but they will eat with some encouragement. The car is already getting quite packed and I would add that it is an estate car and we have not really put any of our things in yet.

Our other bunnies will be taken care of by our house sitter, Ellie, who I am sure will enjoy taking care of all of them. Our long standing boarders, Naboo & Poppy will also be looked after by Ellie.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Poppy & Oscar relax

Poppy and Oscar had a hard day out in the run today, and had to have a lie down in their cage to get over their exertions!!
But seriously, they had a great time outside playing, but were grateful to come in and get their pellets and veg.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Naboo & Poppy Enjoy their Tea

Both Naboo & Poppy have been enjoying some time outside although today they relaxed indoors as it was a very hot day. Bunnies enjoy the sun but can over heat quite easily so we always put sun shades over their runs. Here are the buns tucking into their tea. Poppy seems to be holding her weight now and has not gain any back that she lost. We still give them treats of course but limit them to 2 or 3 a day.

Their owners, Zephie & Dave have posted lots of information on their blog about their travels, if you would like to read this then please visit the following link -

Pickles relaxes on the patio!

Here is Pickles relaxing on the patio this afternoon. We were told by his owners that he did not like being outside, but he seems to have got used to the idea, and now seems quite chilled.
It has been a very hot day here in Gloucester and we have managed to get most of our guests outside for some time in the garden, and a breath of fresh air.

Timmy Tucks In

Timmy gin is back with us this week and is much better in himself, and has put on weight again since his last stay with us. He had been a bit poorly before then and had lost some weight, which was a bit worrying. He is now back to eating lots of hay, as well as his dried food and vegetables. We have also let him have a run out on the grass in the garden, which he really seems to enjoy.