Sunday, 22 November 2009


Chataigne came to stay with us Friday and is enjoying having lots of attention. She has recently had an abscess on her back which is now healing up. It doesn't seem to worry her and she seems quite happy.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Resting Valentino!

This is another one of our boy Valentino. He has found a new place and position to relax, under the coffee table.
Of course with all those papers and magazines under there the invitation to chew something is sometimes too hard to resist.

Fluffy and Floppy

Here are Fluffy and Floppy, two Netherland Dwarf rabbits who arrived yesterday. They are indoor rabbits and very cute.
Fluffy is the white female and has very poor eyesight but seems to cope very well, ably assisted by her partner Floppy, who looks after her and makes sure she doesn't get into any trouble.

Toto and Cottontail

Yesterday saw the arrival of Toto and Cottontail, two black male rabbits that have to live separately. They are only here for a long weekend and we have them housed in two Thistle Hall hutches outside on the patio and both seem well settled despite the appalling weather we have experienced. We have given them plenty of hay, which they both love, and this provides some warmth and good eating too.

Wet and Windy!!

No, not the names of rabbits but a comment on the weather over last night and this morning. This has meant no outside play for any of the rabbits this morning, but we hope the skies will clear soon and the wind will drop so that playtime can resume.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Nearly Xmas?

Hi all,
We are boarder free after yesterday and the departure of Donny and Fern and Minnie and Honeysuckle. Our next major group of arrivals are in the lead up to Xmas, and this gives us some time to have a bit of a tidy up and do a few repairs before then.
We were not helped this week by the wind and rain as our large green awning was blown down early on Sunday and we have decided to leave it down for now.
As far as Xmas is concerned we have already taken quite a few bookings which are mainly indoor rabbits and guinea pigs. We still have room for outdoor boarders and advise anyone thinking of going away at Xmas to book as soon as possible so as to not be disappointed.