Saturday, 22 January 2011


Young Pickles is with us for another long weekend and he is looking good.   He recently went to see his vet Jason Burgess for a Myxo jab and was given a good report.  As you probably remember Pickles lost quite a bit of weight last year and he is now much more active.  However, there was not much sign of activity today when we let him out in our kitchen to investigate.  He was not keen on straying far from his tray.  Pickles is quite shy but we understand when he is at home, he rules the household!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Naboo & Poppy are off Home

We are reporting that our two long stay bunnies, Naboo & Poppy will be off home to Manchester in the next couple of weeks.  Apparently they are going to have their own room, lucky buns and we know their owners will be very excited to have them back after staying with us for a year.  Both bunnies have been a pleasure to take care of and we shall of course miss them very much.  They have become very much part of our bunny family and whenever people ask us how many bunnies we have, we always say 17 when really its only 15!

We shall look forward to seeing them again in the future when Zephie & Dave take their holidays.

Simba & Dusty are Bonded

I expect many of you remember the Simba and Dusty bonding problems we had back in the summer, yes that long ago!  Simba, our French we took in June as a 10 week old baby, was destined to be Dusty's new man and we would never have imagined the time it has taken to seal the bond.  They have now spent the last two nights together and only today we managed to catch this lovely photo of Simba resting his weary legs on Dusty and how she is allowing him to do so.  Quite amazing as she can be quite a grumpy lady but I think at long last Cupid's arrow has managed to penetrate Dusty and she has now found new love.  I think from this photo we know who is actually going to be the boss or maybe she is just letting him think that! Simba, as with most of the Frenchies, is not the brightest in the class but he certainly makes up for this with his good looks.  We are thrilled of course and so please they are at last together, it has only taken 6 mths!!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Scampi & Chips

Here are Scampi & Chips another two piggies staying with us over New Year.  We managed to cut their nails today although they were quite wriggly pigs and it took us some time.   Both are quite well and go home tomorrow.

Kevin & Freddie

Here are our two little fluff balls.  Yes at last Freddie & Kevin, both are very cute little (maybe not little) piggies and today they came out for cuddles and some photos.  Both have enjoyed playtime and cuddles and seem quite content.