Saturday, 31 March 2012


Ben is doing really well and has been enjoying lots of cuddles and attention.  He is a house bun and a rex so not able to go outside when its cold or wet.  He has been having some exercise and playtime in our bunny room and seems quite happy.

Charlie & Shelley

Here are two other guest who have settled very well.  Shelley the tortoise enjoyed some time out yesterday but today its far too cold and he has been snoozing under the heat lamp in his enclosure.  Charlie the cocktail is a chirpy chap and likes the radio on.  Both are well and happy.


Bracken is a new guest and is staying with us for a few weeks.  He is a very friendly chap and loves attention.  Bracken came to us with a little bit of a problem with getting quite messy and we have, with his owners permission changed his diet to a mature food and this has resolved the problem.  On day one he has to have a bath and no bunny likes having baths but since then he has been a clean boy and no further baths have been necessary.  He really loves the Science Select Mature rabbit food and since moving over to this he has been fine.  He has taken great delight in tearing up his newspaper in his hutch but apart from that he has settled very well.

Scampi & Chips

Another two friends back with us this week, Scampi & Chips who are very friendly piggies and also enjoy playing and munching grass in one of our large runs.

Fudge Largest Guinea Pig in Camp

We have one of our favourite and largest guinea pigs back with us this week.  Fudge enjoys his time out in the run and quite often makes friends with our rabbits.


Moo is continuing to get better and her medication has now been reduced.  She is still on pain relief meds following her hernia operation but is doing great.  She will be staying with us for the next couple of weeks until she is fully recovered.  Moo enjoys lots of fruits like melon, strawberries and grapes and says the Blackberry Boarding Hospital food is good and she would recommend it. 

Friday, 23 March 2012


Theo is also back with us on his holiday and although he loves snoozing under his heat lamp he seems to quite enjoy exploring our house.  Today he settled on our door mat and thought it was a good spot.  Its quite amazing how much ground he can cover when he wants to and suddenly the spot you last saw him he has disappeared from and is in another room.


Ben is back with us for his holidays and is looking very well, even a bit trimmer than when we last saw him.  Must be the new hay diet as he seems to enjoy tucking into his hay these days.  Here he is outside in the sun in one of our larger runs.

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Moo had her surgery yesterday and is doing very well.  It was quite a complex hernia operation and this was carried out by Jason Burgess at the Wood Animal Hospital.  We are pleased to hear Moo is doing so well and we look forward to welcoming her back here for some recovery time at the weekend where she will be given lots of her favourite foods and lots of cuddles.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bertie Budgie

We have a rather cute Budgie staying with us as well this week, Bertie is very friendly and loves listening to the radio, in fact when his favourite tune comes on he goes into a little dance routine, very clever boy.  Here he is checking his good looks and making sure he is ready for the photo.


Moo is staying with us for a few days until next week when she is due to have some surgery.  We are making sure she is in tip top condition for this, although from her exploring today in our hall and kitchen she looks to be pretty much on form.  Moo is a very clever and inquisitive rabbit and managed to worked where the food stand was in the hall and at one point we thought she was going to help herself by tucking into a bag of Science Select.  Moo is due to have her hernia operation next Wednesday and we will keep you posted on how this goes.


We are already starting to get quite full for the Easter Holiday period ( 7th to 14th April) so if you think you may need any help during this time please let us know as soon as possible.  We still have some outside setups available and a couple of indoor places but these will soon get filled up.

Dorothy & Walter

Dorothy & Walter are staying with us for a few days and here they are in our bunny playroom.  Both have settled well and have also had some time playing outside in one of our large runs.

Suzi & Smudge and Lola & Henry John

We have some old friends back with us this week Suzi & Smudge and also Lola & Henry John.  Here they are relaxing outside on the day we had some sunshine.  Although things are looking quite positive today with the weather so I am sure they will enjoy some playing in the sun again.  Lola has put a few pounds on so we are reducing her food and so far she has not objected too much but has been chomping on lots of hay and veggies.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Harley our Big Boy Visitor



Here are some more photos of Harley who is such a dream bun to take care of, he is so loving and just wants to be with you all the time.  As soon as we go into our upstairs bunny room he will run circles around your feet as he is so excited to see us then when I sit down on the stool he just comes over and rests his head on my feet.  Sooooo cute.