Friday, 21 February 2014

Great Looking Piggies Raisen & Alfie



Both have settled well and enjoying lots of cuddles......

Lola & Buddy

Lola & Buddy arrived yesterday and have settled very well, they are very cute little buns and love playing together.  They are just staying for a long weekend with us.

Hey there Good Looking Sammy & Snowy

Sammy visiting  this week was quite interested in our rabbit Snowy and we think she liked him two.   Perhaps white buns like white buns.....Sammy is quite happy on his own though and loves attention and I am quite sure Snowy would not be up for sharing food.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Here is Nubyn playing in our kitchen, she has settled in very well and is extremely friendly. Nubyn is a dental bunny and cannot eat anything apart from soften pellets.  She tries to eat chopped up veg and and hay and does a very convincing job of it but unfortunately cannot eat it.  She seems quite happy though and enjoys the food she can manage.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Primrose Degu

Here is Primrose degu who is with us for a couple of weeks she has settle in very well although she was a little bit poorly early in the week she is much better now.  Primrose has to have daily meds but is a very friendly Goo so she is very good at having her meds.


Cute, cute very cute, little Minnie is back and again she has settled well, she is so friendly and loves coming out to play in our kitchen area.  She is pretty quick though and some times plays games when its time to go back to her cage.  Here she is back in the cage after her playtime.  

Flopsey & Anna

Two more of our half term visitors who have been enjoying the sunshine, both have settled well and eating fine.  We have housed them in our main shed area this time due to the extreme weather conditions we are currently experiencing.  Neither seem too worried and were happy and snug last night when we had quite a frost.  Here they are out in one of our large runs having some playtime.

R I P Humphrey

Little Humphrey who we had recently bonded with Milly sadly died yesterday.  He has had some respiratory problems for some time now and had recovered from pneumonia a couple of years ago so this was really sad.  He was admitted to the animal hospital early yesterday morning but died at 8 pm last night.  Milly is doing ok but we think she is missing him although they were only together for a short time. 



Jack & Saffron & Sammy

Here are three of our half term visitors, Jack & Saffron & Sammy.  We have some sunshine today so they have enjoys time out on our patio sunbathing.  Sammy has also had some playtime and he has been on one of our other patios investigating and enjoying his veggies. All have settled well and eating fine.

Monday, 10 February 2014


We have been reporting on our big bun Barney who has recently had a couple of major operations on his mouth and we have been nursing/caring for him for nearly a month now. Poor boy had a dental abscess and his first operation included impregnating some bone beads in his jaw was not successful so he had to have a further operation to release the pressure of the abscess and currently has an open wound on his face.  We are flushing this daily for him and he is being extremely good about the whole thing.  He is obviously on high doses of pain relief drugs and having regularly checks with our vet to ensure he is progressing well.  You can follow his story on our Blackberry Boarding facebook page.


Here is little Primrose degu who is staying with us for a couple of weeks.  She has settled very well and is enjoying special treats including a tiny bit of toast in the mornings.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Here is Stanford the little bunny with the big attitude!  She is with us for a few days but certainly makes her mark and knows what she wants.  Here she is having some playtime on out patio in a large run.  The sun came out briefly so she took advantage of it.