Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Easter Holidays and Lots of Visitors

We have quite a number of visitors staying with us over the Easter holidays and here are a few photos we have taken.  From cute piggies to snoozing bunnies and playful bunnies.  We shall post more photos of your furry friends over the holidays so keep looking at the blog.
All are well and happy.










Monday, 25 March 2013

Cheeky Degu

Cheeky is one of our long term boarders and is now quite elderly but he is doing very well and has his times of being more active.  We recently bought him a special heated rock which he loves and the will lie on it for hours.  It has a piece of vet bed over it to make it softer as the rock is really supposed to be for reptiles but Cheeky seems to feel very comfortable on it.

Some Blackberry Buns


Buttons Rosie & Snowie

Here we have a trio of rabbits who are on the road to re bonding.  Unfortunately, they fell out recently and we are trying to re bond them and are hopefully they will all be friends again very soon.   Buttons is the younger of the group and has recently been neutered and his two female friends Rosie & Snowie are very easy going girls,  all being well he will soon be a husbun with two wives, lucky bun!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Tilly & Ozzy

This is Tilly and Ozzy the Chinchillas. They came to us on Sunday and go home on Friday. So far nobody can tell them apart just by looking at them, although one seems to be a lot more outgoing than the other. We have had them out on our kitchen floor for their exercise, which they really loved.
They have long periods of quiet, when they sleep cuddled together on the shelf, followed by lots of running and jumping around the cage, which is when we get them out in the kitchen.
They are still quite young and a bit wary but I'm sure with lots of handling and attention they will be great friends to their new owners.

Buffpuff & Primula

Here we have two of our regular clients, Buffpuff and Primula, who are two Lionhead rabbits. They came to us last week and are with us until this Saturday. Lionheads can be a bit 'skittish' but these two have quite gentle natures and are used to coming to us on their holidays.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Thomas & Jerry

Here we have two very cute little bunnies who are staying with us for a couple of weeks.  They are quite shy but we are hoping that they will in time come out of their shells and we have noticed already they are started to get more confident with us.  They both loves cuddles but Thomas is more into his fuss.  They have had lots of time playing in our bunny play room are have settled well.