Monday, 28 February 2011

Indoor Facilities

We now have a dedicated areas for indoor pets and although quite a number of our guests live outdoors we do have indoor guinea pigs and rabbit who come to stay.  We have a selection of different size pens suitable for all pets including large house rabbits.  We also have a play area for them to exercise and although all this information is on our website we thought we would update you with this and how we can accommodate indoor pets. 

Podge Piggy

We have another piggy staying with us this week, although he is an outdoor boarder.  He is very friendly and today we gave him a brush and lots of cuddles.  Single piggies love to have lots of attention from their owners so we try to give them this when they stay with us.  Podge is staying with us for a week and we hope if the weather improves he can go out on the lawn and enjoy some grass and have a run around.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Valentino doing what he does best

Here is our boy relaxing in our lounge and he is a very contented bunny as you can see from the photo.  We recently found out that he has dry eye syndrome which is very common in "frenchies" and he has to have artificial tear drops twice daily to keep his eyes comfortable.  You would never notice this but it can be very uncomfortable for them.  Simba our other young french lad unfortunately has the same problem so we have to ensure he has his drops as well.  The gel is liquid and very easy to apply and they hardly notice you putting it in when you fuss and stroke them at the same time.

Monty Tea Time

Little Monty has been a bit off colour recently and not really up for his food however, this evening he was chomping into his carrot and spring greens and was really up for them.  Here he is and we hope he continues to keep his appetite up.

Hey There Good Looking


Alfie gin pig and Chataigne gin pig are having a great time chatting away to each other.  However, Alfie is due to go home today so we are sure she will miss him and will have to revert to human conversation with us.  Both are very friendly and love attention.

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Monty was due to be going home today but unfortunately he has not been well over the last two days.  We have been giving him some critical care and today we took him to see our vet who suggested that it might be better to get him well before travelling home.  Monty has had a couple of dentals during the last month and with all the stress of this it has upset his stomach and he has not regained his normal appetite.  We hope that over the next couple of days he will be feeling better and able to go home.  He has started eating on his own now but needs medical care and support.


Puffle arrived last night and is only 3 months old.  She is very cute and friendly.  Here she is playing in our kitchen and she is quick to try and dive through the doors to the living room given the chance.  We wouldn't want her to cross paths with our french boy Valentino.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Alfie Enjoys Some Cuddles

Alfie is a very friendly piggy and loves cuddles.  He is quick though and it takes us quite a while to catch him but once he is being cuddled he soon settles down and enjoys the attention.

Monty Relaxing

Monty spent most of the day running around and playing and then we caught him chilling.  He comes bouncing over to say hello at the child gate which keeps him contained in the small bedroom, which is our indoor bunny room. 

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Thomas & Charlie

We have two other little gin pigs staying with us, Thomas and Charlie are only six months old and very shy at the moment.  They arrived this morning and are with us for a week.  We hope over the next week they will become more tame and used to us handling them.

Alfie Gin Pig

We would have to say that Alfie could complete for the most vocal piggy of the year competition.  He has been singing so loud we can hear him outside from the bedroom window.  We thought after this morning of racing around his cage and shouting so loud he completely tired himself out.  However, this evening at teatime he came back to life and posed for the camera.

Monty Photo Shoot

Monty arrived yesterday and has settled very well, he had a dental this week and although he had to have a GA, seems to be showing no ill effects from this.  He has been playing in our bunny room upstairs today and although some rabbits are not keen on wooden flooring, Monty appeared to get around with great speed.  We decided to take some photos of him and as you can see he lost complete interest at one stage!

Too Cute I know

Can I get Down Now!

Seriously I have had enough of this now!

OK OK One More Cute Picture!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Here we have another two bunnies looking for a loving home and Daisy is a very beautiful rex rabbit and her bonded friend Alfie is a hansom chap as well.  Both are neutered buns and come with a large hutch and run.  If you feel you can offer Daisy & Alfie a loving home then please contact us.  Both these bunnies will be homed according to the Windwhistle Warren re homing policy, please refer to their website for details .  In the first instance please contact Blackberry Boarding, thank you.


From time to time we are asked if we know of anyone who may wish to home a bunny who for various circumstances needs another loving home.  We currently have a small mini lop called Blossom who is in search of a new Bunny Mom and she is just one year old.  Blossom does not get very much exercise at the moment and has put on a few pounds but with a garden to play in she would soon be back to her slim, cute self.  If you feel you are able to give Blossom a loving, forever home, please contact us.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunshine & Summer

Far far away most of us will be thinking, however, Valentino asked me to remind anyone thinking of booking a summer holiday to remember to book their bunny's holiday as this is a very busy time for us and we need to know as soon as possible if you need our help during July and August.  Here is Valentino enjoying some sunshine last year and lets hope we have some nice sunny weather to look forward to this year.


Dunky is back with us this weekend and she has settled in very well.  Dunky can be quite a nervous bun but she comes to us quite a bit and I am sure she has now got more used to her visits to Blackberry Boarding.  Dunky is special bun and is quite a little Princess.

Primula & Buff Puff

We have two very pretty buns staying with us this week, they are quite shy but lovely natured buns.  They had some time out in the kitchen today playing and although at first they were a bit nervous they soon settled down. Here are a couple of pics we took when they went back into their indoor house. 

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Windy Weather

We have had a couple of our buns with mild stasis this week and nothing has changed with their diet and we can only think it may be the very windy and extreme weather conditions we are experiencing.  Rabbits are become stressed at the slightest things are these noisy conditions have certainly upset a couple of our buns.  One of our clients has also experience the same with her rabbit.  So if any of your buns appears to be out of sorts for no apparent reason it may just be due to the loud wind and rain conditions at the moment.

Simba & Dusty

The relationship continues to flourish and we were very surprised today to find Simba in Dusty's bed and appearing to have completely taken over it.  I can only conclude that Dusty is either going soft in her old age or completely lost the plot.  Her bed has previously been her pride & joy and no one dare touch it.  Simba what are you doing to her!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

VHD Outbreak

We do not normally post this type of information on our blog but felt that it was important to alert rabbit owners of this outbreak.  Although it is in Scotland it is spreading rapidly and could kill 90% of the wild rabbit population.  Tame rabbits are also susceptible.  The disease, which is also known as Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) is an annual vaccination which can be carried out by your vet.   The majority of pet rabbits are vaccinated, however some people are not aware of this disease.

RHD is highly contagious and can be spread far and wide, for example on vehicle tyres and birds' feet, so if you have tame rabbits they should be vaccinated immediately, even if you live south of the Border. Death from RHD is mercifully quick as compared to myxomatosis, but it causes great suffering nonetheless.

Far better to be safe than sorry.