Friday, 22 November 2013


Lionel has settled very well and although we are experiencing some chilly weather he is happy in his warm vivarium and enjoying is daily meal of bugs and salad.  Here are a few pics we took and we actually think he liked posing for the camera!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Bonding Baby Bunnies and Sorbet

We are currently bonding some beautiful babies bunnies with an adult male mini lop called Sorbet.  Sorbet lost his bonded friend and his owners visited the rescue to find him a new friend.  When they met the group of babies they could not make the decision as to who to pick and ended up adopting all three of them.  We have spent this week bonding the bunnies and this has been quite entertaining.  Here are some pics of them all.

Very Sad News !!!!

It is with much regret and sadness that we have to tell you of the loss of four of our rabbits over the last month.
All were lost to illness or old age and, whilst we expected to lose a few of them this year, it still comes as a shock that we have lost four so close together.

Alfie (Mr Grumpy)

We had Alfie when we were still at our old house, so over 6 years, and like a lot of our rabbits, Alfie came from the Rabbit Rescue at Windwhistle Warren. He was partnered with Millie.
He had been suffering from arthritis for some time was on long term pain medication.
R.I.P 21 October 2013


We also had Lilly for over 6 years, and she was partnered with Edward.
She never got to the rescue as she and Ed got themselves together whilst in our care and they remained together.
She was taken ill suddenly and we lost her whilst she was in the vets care. She was diagnosed as suffering from chronic renal failure leading to severe anemia.
R.I.P. 28 October 2013

Casper & Lottie

Casper, the small fluffy one, was almost 10 years old and was suffering from various ailments over a period of time, which we were managing with long term medication.
Lottie, his partner, had also been suffering from various ailments, and was also having long term medication. She recently developed a breathing problem that was causing her much distress.
We came to the difficult decision to let them both go together. 
R.I.P 13 November 2013

Guinness (Binky)

Here is Guinness (or Binky as he is known).
He is owned by some friends and is with us for the next week whilst they are on holiday.
He is a very friendly and playful Dutch rabbit who usually runs free when at home. Unfortunately we cannot give him the same amount of space, but he copes very well being in an indoor cage, as long as he gets time out for exercise during the day.

Alfie, Nibbles and Lilly

Here are a few more photos of Alfie, taken this morning.

And here are a few of Nibbles also.

Followed by some of Lilly

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Here is our old friend Nibbles, who has been coming to us for quite a while now. He is another who is with us for a long stay this time, but he has soon settled into his old routine. In fact he seems a lot more relaxed this time, and very friendly. As you can see he loves playing with the tunnel and doing some exploring. 


Here is Alfie, who is with us for quite a long stay. He is a very cheeky chap and loves running around and exploring. He also loves to come up and climb our legs or play with our feet when we are in the room with him. He seems to have settled in well and is eating okay, and pooing okay as well, as you can see!!!