Monday, 29 October 2012


Here is Fudge one of the largest guinea pigs we have every seen.  His holiday with us has been extended for a few days as his owners have been delayed coming back from their trip.  Here he is testing our new lawn which was re turfed a week ago.  It was a little bit damp but Fudge didn't seem to mind and soon tucked into the new, fresh grass!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012



We have a number of bunnies ourselves of course and now and again we feature them and here is Flo who is now a young at heart nine year old fluffy girl.  She still finds the energy to jump up on our sofa and say hello to our other guests.  This time it was Ben a beautiful rex rabbit of similar age, who has now gone home but we feel that romance may have blossomed should he have stay with us any longer.  When Ben was in his cage in the house, there was some kissing through the wire but sadly for Flo it wasn't to be!

Blackberry Boarding Half Term Holiday Guests

We have a busy week here at Blackberry Boarding and a number of guests staying with us.  Here are a few of them, some have already gone home, so apologies that we did not get around to blogging those.  Lots of cute piggies and some very friendly rabbits.  All are well and seen here enjoying their tea.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sweetpea & Petal Baby Piggies

Here are two very beautiful baby piggies who are only 16 weeks old and although they are quite shy, we managed to sit them on a towel to have their photo taken.  Both love their cuddles and although they also love their hay and nuggets so far have not shown any interest in their veggies.  We have been told this is quite a common problem with baby piggies and sometimes it can take several weeks for them to come around to eating veg as they almost have to learn to eat veggies.  We have also read that peppers and romaine lettuce are a couple of good ones to try at first and then you slowly add in another veg one at a time.  So far neither have got very enthusiastic about the lettuce or the peppers.  The piggies are currently having a vitamin C supplement as of course this is very important to guinea pigs as they get most of this vitamin from their veggies.


Here is Alfie who is feeling much better now and more interested in his food.  He came to us a little bit under the weather and not very interested in his food.  He has for quite some time now confused his owners and their vet with regards to his digestive system and very often just goes off his food for no reason.  Its important to keep him eating or feed him with critical care food or he will of course develop a Gut Stasis.  We are pleased to say that at the moment with his current medication and careful diet he seems to be fine.  Alfie is a sweet natured rabbit and is very good at taking his medicines and loves attention.  Here are some pics of him in our bunny play room.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Lola & Lulu Piggies

Here are two very cute piggies Lola and Lulu who are both well and love playing in the hay.  They are enjoying their food and their treats.

Mulder, Carter & Castiel Ratties

We have two groups of rats staying with us at the moment and all are very inquisitive and interested in their new and difference surroundings.  Firstly, we have three boys and here are some pics of them.  Mulder and Carter are very up for coming out and having their photo taken, however, Castiel is not so keen and is quite shy and we have only really noticed him being out and about in the night hours where lots of paper tearing is taking place and playing games.

Tea Time Dexter & Willow

Dexter is always very enthusiastic about food and he insists on having the first dibs to find any grapes or nice bits of tea which is his favourite.  Here he is in search of grapes and Willow being the polite girl is sat back on her cushion waiting for him to dig in first.  They are both well and happy and have had lots of play time out in our bunny room.  On one occasion we found their treat box on the floor and we kind of guessed who was the culprit here although he left no evidence of course!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Dexter & Willow

Here are two of our regular boarders and both are well and very settled.  They spend each afternoon out in our bunny playroom and love exploring although I think Dexter is getting ready to make a dash along the landing as he is looking for more adventures.  Tomorrow we have some cavity wall insulation work taking place so all bunnies will have to go out to our shed for a couple of hours as this work is very noisy and we are sure it will upset some of them.  We are hoping that they wont mind too much going outside for a couple of hours.