Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sweetpea & Petal Baby Piggies

Here are two very beautiful baby piggies who are only 16 weeks old and although they are quite shy, we managed to sit them on a towel to have their photo taken.  Both love their cuddles and although they also love their hay and nuggets so far have not shown any interest in their veggies.  We have been told this is quite a common problem with baby piggies and sometimes it can take several weeks for them to come around to eating veg as they almost have to learn to eat veggies.  We have also read that peppers and romaine lettuce are a couple of good ones to try at first and then you slowly add in another veg one at a time.  So far neither have got very enthusiastic about the lettuce or the peppers.  The piggies are currently having a vitamin C supplement as of course this is very important to guinea pigs as they get most of this vitamin from their veggies.

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