Saturday, 31 December 2011

Barney & Saffy Relax Time

Both these two have become very lazy buns and seem to spend most of the day lying around somewhere in the house, here they are once again doing their favourite hobby.

Chris -Special Christmas Present!

Chris was getting quite excited when he was opening one of his Christmas presents, only to find it was a new pair of overalls for doing the cleaning.  Never mind he did have other presents he liked.  Socks etc!

Tammy & Fernando

Tammy & Fernando arrived yesterday and have both settled very well.  Here they are doing bunny things and earlier today they had playtime in our indoor bunny playroom.  Tammy is very shy and Fernando tends to be the boss but we noticed today she was doing her own bit of growling at him so perhaps she is slowly putting him in his place.


Alfie came to stay with us on Boxing Day and is celebrating the New Year in at Blackberry Boarding.  He has had lots of cuddles and today one of our helpers, Becky gave him a special New Year's Eve cuddle.  Alfie loves his vegetables and manages to eat more veg than any of our other piggies but he looks very healthy and has a lovely shiny coat.


We are pleased to see little Monty who is back with us for New Year celebrations, he was a little camera shy but after a bit of encouragement he was agreeable to a photograph in his favourite bed.  Monty has settled very well and earlier today was outside having a run around due to the weather being so mild.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Buff Puff & Primula

We have two very fluffy lionheads staying with us over Christmas and New Year.  They are quite shy but like to have a run around in the bunny room.  Here they are relaxing in their pen.  Both seem settled and happy.

Naboo & Poppy

Naboo & Poppy are usually very photogenic buns but today they were quite sleepy and only really prepared to sit pretty and not do any cute poses for us. Here they are relaxing in the bunny room.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Pretty Piggy

We have lots of piggies staying and will take some photos of them to post but we did manage to take this cute picture of Sukie.


Dunky was given a little Christmas present and she managed to sort of open it on Christmas Day.  Treats her favourite so this certainly helped her along with the paper tearing.

Christmas Celebrations - Barney & Saffy

Here are Barney & Saffy with their new Christmas Tunnel, lots of investigations and playtime and eventually working out that they had to go through it and not sit on top of it!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Visitors on Holiday

Here we have a few of our guests who are with us for Xmas, all have settled really well and some are old friends who we see regularly and others who we have not seen for sometime.  We have Dunky in her tunnel playing our kitchen, Naboo & Poppy back with us and chilling in our upstairs bunny room and some very friendly piggies, Alfie, Scuttle & Bandit.  We will report some more on their activities but just to reassure owners that their fluffy friends are well.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Missi & Fudge

Here are Missi and Fudge, who have been here for the last week. They are a very gentle and timid pair of rabbits, but also very friendly, once you have gained their trust.

They have been housed in one of our new large hutches, with run attached, so have had quite a bit of space to move around. They really like eating their hay and have eaten all the dried mix and veg we have given to them.

They are also two of the tidiest rabbits in bunny camp and so are welcome to come back any time!!!

Friday, 2 December 2011


We are always very busy here at Blackberry Boarding  over the Xmas Holiday period and already have quite a few guests booked in with us.   PLEASE if you do require any help with your pets during this time would you advise us as soon as possible so as not to be disappointed. We only have a limited number of indoor places for pets BUT  will try and accommodate your pets needs of course.  Please see our website for further details