Thursday, 30 June 2011

Piggies Galore

We are doing a house sit this week and taking care of a family of guinea pigs and rabbits.  Here are some photos of the piggies and also one of the rabbits, Satan.  The other three bunnies were not up for having their pic taken but we will try again tomorrow.  All of them are very well and very cute we think.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

April & Galaxy

As well as Satan and Humphrey the same owner also has these two rabbits, April (black and white) and Galaxy. They are also being looked after at  home and have a hutch which opens onto a large patio area, 
They are both very friendly, especially Galaxy, and love fuss and attention. They tend to do everything together.

Satan & Humphrey

Here we have Satan (the little black Netherland Dwarf) and her partner Humphrey. As their owner has quite a lot of pets we are doing a home visit and these pictures were taken in their own garden. They have free run during the day, but spend the night in the shed.
They have both been OK and eating well, and although Satan has become easier to get to go in the shed at night, Humphrey still gives us the run around in the evening, before going in for his tea.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Chataigne the Movie Star

Here is our little movie star chomping away at her tea.  Chataigne is eating well and enjoying being the centre of attention in our lounge.  She is with us for two weeks and as we have had such nice weather has also enjoyed some time in the garden.
Chataigne is currently auditioning for the Egg Credit Card commercial, we think she is doing very well, how do you think she is doing!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Amy, Chilly & Molly + Arthur, the three legged rabbit

At the top we have Amy, who loves to sit on her stool out in the run. The next two are Chilly, the little grey guy, who absolutely loves his food, and his partner Molly. She is quite shy, but even she came out for her tea when she saw the carrot tops.
Last, but definitely not least, is Arthur, who only has three legs, due to injury sustained when he was younger. He has no trouble negotiating the ramp in his hutch and certainly doesn't let the loss of his leg hamper him in any way. He seems to have adapted very well.


Arthur is living in an indoor cage in our third bedroom, but gets time out in the room for his exercise. Here he is tonight having his tea, and like all the other bunnies featured, seems to be tucking in with great gusto!!


Here is Ben, also only with us for the weekend, as his owners have gone to the Glastonbury Festival (lucky so and so's).
He has been able to have a run outside this afternoon as the sun has come out, and have an al-fresco tea, which he really seems to be enjoying.

Dunky's tea time

Here is Dunky, with us again, but only for the weekend on this occasion. As you can see she is really enjoying her carrot top for tea, along with her cabbage, carrot and celery.
She also loves her tunnel, and will spend most of her time in her cage half in, half out of it as she see it as her safe haven.

Monday, 20 June 2011


Here is Chataigne tucking into her tea, she is very settled with us and loves attention. 

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Honey Bunny Cuddles

Since losing our French Valentino I have not really had chance to have special cuddles with a french bun.  Barney our new boy is still too young to settle and snuggle in.  However, our Lady French Honey was happy to oblige and has enjoyed some big cuddles with me and its been lovely to cuddle a french bun again.


Here is Lottie enjoying some sunshine in her hutch.  She had a good run out earlier on one of our patio areas.

Biscuit & Ollie

Biscuit continues to get better and although seen here as having a bit of lie down she is managing to get up on her feet for short spells now and is getting stronger each day.  Her trusted companion, Ollie is being very supportive and although at first he was a bit scared, he is now much more relaxed in her company.  Although some of these illnesses like EC and Inner Ear Infections (which Biscuit has) can be quite distressing for owners and the animals with careful nursing they can be brought back to an good quality of life.  Very often rabbits are not as fortunate as Biscuit and owners do give up on them but as you can see she is a very beautiful bunny and certainly a well loved pet.  Biscuit and Ollie are going home to be with their Bunny Mom at the weekend but we will keep you posted on her progress.

Snugglepuss and Buggalugs

These two boys have settled very well and here they are having a grooming session which they seemed to enjoy and sat fairly still for it.

Jack & Jill

Here are Jack & Jill enjoying some playtime on one of our patio areas.  They seemed to work out pretty quickly that it was best to hide underneath one of the hutches when we had the odd shower and also when we were trying to catch them to get them back in their hutch at night.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Honey Bunny

Honey our Lady French has been in a very chillax mood the last couple of days, the weather has been a bit warmer so probably the reason.  Here she is in our kitchen, for some reason she loves lying on the door mat.  She has a nice piece of comfortable carpet to lie on but she still opts for the mat.  Honey goes home this weekend and we shall really miss her being around, she is such a lovely bun and is always giving you kisses. She will lick your hand and loves being groomed.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Lilly Tortoise

Here is Lilly the tortoise having her daily bath. She has this in the morning and seems to really enjoy having it. With today being a nice warm sunny day she spent most of the day out in a run in the garden.


Here is Lottie who is quite a shy bunny but she has settled well and has enjoyed some time outside today playing on our large patio.


Here is Fernando in our upstairs playroom.  He seems very settled now and really enjoys the freedom of not having to stay in his cage all the time.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Biscuit & Ollie

Biscuit continues to improve and is now much more active and we have now put her back in the same cage as her bonded friend Ollie.  She seems to enjoy having his company and we think this is helping her recovery.  Sometimes he wants to cuddle up to her and other times he is a little bit nervous when she is moving around the cage and is wondering what she is doing.  Here are some photos of them both.