Monday, 30 August 2010

Kylo, Indy & Phoenix

We have three new guests staying with us who are all rex rabbits are very beautifully marked.  The two females are brown and white and Kylo is black and white.  All three have settled very well and are extremely friendly.


Fudge has been on holiday this week with us and she has recently lost quite a bit of weight.  We gave her owner some advice and since losing her weight she is keeping herself much cleaner and able to wash herself properly.  Fudge is a very friendly little bun.

Donny & Fern

We have some old friends staying with us this week who we have not seen for about 8 mths.  We are pleased to see them back and here they are eating their tea.  Both buns are very gentle natured and have spent time today out in a run as we have had some sunshine. Amazing!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Buffpuff and Primula

We have two beautiful, fluffy lionhead rabbits boarding with us and although they are quite shy they do come up to say hello, particularly when its feeding time.  These bunnies were both rescue rabbits and its very hard looking at them, how anyone could have ever given them up.  Due to the terrible weather we have been having these buns have had playtime in the house.  They are also off home this week.

Monty Wilson Jarvis

Little Monty is also off home this week and again we shall miss his playful little antics.  Monty is a mini lop and we have moved him to one of our bigger cages as it became vacant and he looks completely lost in it.  Although for Monty, its great fun to have a big cage to himself.


Moo, one of our house bunnies staying with us has been playing in our hallway and stairs today as the weather has been very wet again.  She worked her way up to the landing and then spent quite a bit of time on the stairs.  Moo goes home this Friday and we will miss her furry little face.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Blue Moon & Sorbet

Here are Blue Moon and Sorbet who do appear to be getting on very well.  We have only had them since Wednesday and their friendship seems to be blossoming.  Sorbet is a rescue bunny and Blue Moon a much love house rabbit.  It is sometimes very difficult to bond these types of bunnies from very different backgrounds but with these two its seems to be working.  We have not found the bonding of Sounder and Jet  as straightforward and even after two weeks they are still bickering.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Meadow & Grace

These two little buns are still holidaying with us and seem very settled now.  We cut their nails for them recently and both were very calm.  Some bunnies panic when you try to cut their nails but both Meadow and Grace were very good.  We have noticed quite a change in them this year, their diet has been altered to less pellets and more hay in particular the Timothy Hay due to dental issues and they do both seem very healthy and happy.

Sounder & Jet Bonding

We have been working with these two buns over the last couple of weeks and things have not been easy as quite often bunnies make their own minds up how long it will take for them to become friends.  Today we took them for another car ride which usually helps and both ended up in the same carrier which means they went to each other for reassurance.  We then brought them home and put them in our kitchen area with their toys/tunnels and trays and they have now been there for nearly four hours with no fights or disagreements.  So some progress at last. Both still seem to be on their guard with one another although we did catch Jet moving in for some attention from Sounder.  Sounder is not really very interested in her as he is a people bun and has not yet worked out that a bunny can be a friend too.  We hope when they go home and with some further work from their owners these two will become the best of friends.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sounder & Jet

We feel we have made some progress with Sounder and Jet who had about two hours today playing on out patio area and no scuffles or fights. These two are both a little be apprehensive of each others actions but we feel quietly confident that they will click eventually.

Bonded Carrots

We found these carrots today in a pack we bought and they appear to be very well bonded, we hope that the bunnies we are bonding will soon be just as happy.

Rabbi Rabbit

Rabbi is back to stay with us and is a very calm and friendly bun.  He has been out today in a run playing with a few toys and seemed to entertain himself.

No its not a baby Polar Bear

This little piggy is so cute he steals the show and although only 3 mths old is certainly not backwards in coming forward when it comes to the food, he is straight in and chatters away and almost drives his little friend off to make sure he gets his share. 

Blue & Sorbet

We had two new arrivals today, Blue who is a house bunny and her friend to be Sorbet.  Both bunnies have settled very well and we look forward to getting to know them better.

Marv and Lucky

Marv & Lucky our two long stay boarders are still with us and are super buns.  They have now become very friendly and always know when its feed time.  They jump up to the top deck of the hutch and are ready and waiting.  We will miss them when they go home as they have been with us since early July.  Both buns have been healthy and happy during their stay with us.

Woolly, Bingo, Rory & Winnie

We have a family of four piggies staying with us and they have enjoyed some time outside today in a run and all seemed to have fun jumping around and ducking and diving in and out of the igloos.  Bingo, the brown one, she is the loudest one and certainly lets you know this when you pick her up.  Woolly is the black one with ginger spots and is definitely the drama queen of the gang.   It seems that Bingo and Woolly are in charge and certainly keep tabs on the younger two.  Rory is the big boy of the camp and definitely the man of the house, surrounded by wimmin.  He is neutered and certainly enjoys the company of his lady friends.  He chatters and chunters alot and is an Olympic standard rumbler!  He is not the brightest but he is lovely.  Finally, Winnie is the youngest and the grey and agouti white.  She is the smart one and when you are trying to catch her to put her out in the run she retreats to the furthest corner of the pen so you cannot reach her.  She is very independent although she does like the company of the others - she does her own thing mostly.  She appears to be the bottom of the dominance pile but really doesn't seem to care.  All the piggies are brilliant and very entertaining, and we have enjoyed taking care of them.

Buffpuff and Primula

Here we have two lovely Lion-head rabbits named Buffpuff and Primula. They arrived last evening and are with us for the next week. They are both from the rescue centre at Windwhistle Warren and their new owners had them bonded at the centre. They were having a great time out on the patio before the heavy rain came. As you can see, these two rabbits and rain are not a good mix, due to their long fluffy manes. We managed to get them back indoors before they became waterlogged.

Rufus & Boris

This is Rufus the guinea pig, in the capable hands of our friend, Sally. He is one half of a pair with his mate Boris. He is one of the largest guinea pigs we have had stay at Blackberry Boarding, but this does not mean he is fat, but generally long and large. He has a lovely glossy coat and a very nice temperament and really enjoys his time out in the run. Unfortunately the rains came today before being able to get an up to date photo of Boris. We will try again tomorrow.

Paco Bango or 'That Gecko'

This is Paco Bango, the gecko. His owners are those of Diva and Lulu rabbit + Amadeus and Constance guinea pigs. He is a Crested Gecko and still quite young. He is nocturnal so we don't get to see him until very late in the day, when he comes out to chase his food.
Yes, that is correct, he eats live food, crickets that is, about 4 - 5 a day. He also has some other powdered food mixed with water. This acts like nectar, which is what he would have in the wild.
Sharon has not been involved in has care as she does not like the idea of feeding him live food. This means that Chris has done all the feeding and caring for Paco Bango.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Poppy the Naughty Minx

Poppy has always enjoyed her food and can be quite the little minx when it comes to pinching Naboo's food.  Here is a typical sneaky move by Poppy.



This is Douglas having his breakfast this morning. He is quite a timid and shy character, but OK once you have gained his trust. He has a large hutch to himself at present as he was one half of a pair, but unfortunately he lost his partner and is now on his own. He has been out for a run on the patio today, but puts himself back in his hutch when he feels he has had enough.

Moo with Parsley Fashion Assessory

Moo adores her Parsley so much so she has decided to wear a sprig in her hair and we feel it really suits her.  Here she is having her morning run and enjoying some Parsley for breakfast.

Monty Treatment Day

Here is little Monty having is breakfast looking all happy but then we have to apply some spot on to him and to say he is not a happy chappy is probably an understatement, poor Monty's face says it all.  He soon forgot about it after a handful of special herbs and was back to hiS normal happy self.



Monday, 16 August 2010

Duck & Parsnip + Buttercup & Squirrel

This is a rare thing for us, a foursome!! In fact Buttercup and Squirrel have stayed with us before and as you can see are really into their vegetables. Their owners then got Duck (white) and Parsnip, who are together. Although they are housed separately, they run together outside, and all four seem to get on well.
Some owners struggle to  bond two together, so to see four running together is a real rarity. They have spent the last two afternoons running on the patio area with no bother, although we feel Buttercup is definitely in charge of proceedings!!

Amadeus & Constance

Here are Constance, the woolly guinea pig, and Amadeus the white wire hair guinea pig. She is quite shy and spends most of her time hiding in the igloo, whereas Amadeus is always out and about being inquisitive.
Here you see them sharing their spring green leaf in their indoor pen. They have spent this morning out in a run in the garden and seemed to enjoy it very much.