Sunday, 27 March 2011


Ben the beautiful chestnut rex is still with us and here he is being brought in after his sunbathing session.  He loves lying on his towel outside  and as we have had lots of sun shine recently its been great for him.  Ben is due to go home this week and we shall really miss him.  He is quite an amazing bun.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Tristan & Isolde

Tristan & Isolde are staying with us and belong to Ellie, who helps us most weeks with the bunnies.  Ellie and her partner, Alex are due to get married this Saturday in France and we would like to wish them both all the very best for their special day.  Both Tristan and Isolde wanted to sent their love and bunny nose nudges and here they are trying to look all composed!
"Isolde turn round for the camera" - " No i am not ready yet, need to get my cute face on"

"Is this ok, do I look cute"? - "No not really, you looked worried"

"Hey thats better we both look well cute"  Have a great day Mom & Dad we love you XX

Dorothy & Walter

Two old friends are back with us this weekend, Dorothy & Walter arrived today and have settled very well.  Both are house buns although they do enjoy time in the garden.  Dorothy has grown quite a lot since we saw her last and we are quite sure she wears the trousers as Walters is such a gentleman and really just does as he is told most of the time.  Dear Walter decided to close his eyes for this photo which we thought was quite cute, bless him!


Ben has been enjoying some time outside today as the weather was really sunny and warm.  Ben is a house rabbit but he loves running around and then relaxing in the sun.  He recently had a bit of an upset tum which has calmed down now.  Sometimes a change of environment can upset buns but we have given him lots of fuss and attention and he seems to be much happier now.  He is a very loved bun and of course bunnies can miss their owners so again we have given him lots of cuddles to make him feel more settled.  Ben has a beautiful coat, he is velvety soft.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Lola & Henry John

Lola & Henry John are here to stay with us for a week and its lovely to see them again both looking so well.  Lola was a little bit camera shy but decided to pose for a shot after some encouragement from Henry John.  Both buns are due to be moving with their owners in the near future to a house with a bigger garden so they will have lots of room to run around and play.

Pickles enjoys some sunshine

Pickles is with us for a long weekend and today he had a run out on our patio, well I say run, it was a slow hop but he enjoyed himself.  He was quite interested in the tunnel but decided it really wasn't his thing.

Saturday, 12 March 2011


This is Dunky, who is with us for a long weekend. She is a regular guest here at Blackberry Boarding. She too benefited from the warmer day we had today and spent some time out in the garden. 
When she was last with us we thought she was a little overweight, but she seems to have lost some of that weight now and looks far better for it.


Here we have Ben, a Rex rabbit, who came to us on Thursday. He is 8 years old and loves attention and being fussed. He is with us until the end of the month, and we are looking forward to getting to know him over this time.
He spent quite a bit of time today out in a run in the garden, as it was such a nice warm day in the sunshine. He seemed to really enjoy it but was glad to come in later in the afternoon, just as it began to spot with rain. Rex rabbits should not be out in the rain, as they can suffer from a condition called 'rain scald' which affects their skin and fur.
Let's hope we get a few more nice days so that he can enjoy more time out in the garden.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Valentino - New Bed Again!

Valentino always seems to be having new things but this new bed was in fact a second hand one.  I visited Teckles (Dog & Cat Re-home at Whitminster) and they have a shop where people donate things.  I managed to collect a few beds and after a wash, they were as good as new!  Valentino certainly likes his new bed. 

Jodie, Casper & Lottie

These are three of our older buns both Casper & Jodie are eight years old (we call them the pensioners) and Lottie was a rescue bun so we are not sure of her age.  These three have been living next to one another for almost six months now and we had hoped they were going to become friends but unfortunately Lottie is destined to be on her own.  She will pass the time of day with them but certainly likes her own space.  Here they are having a day out in the garden today.  Little Casper has his coat on due to the fact it was quite chilly and a couple of weeks ago he had to go in for a rather severe hair cut due to having some matts.  Casper is one of our long haired bunnies and even with constant grooming his coat becomes quite tangled and sometimes the easier option is to have the coat clipped rather than trying to comb out all the knots which can be quite painful for them.  He is very good and will sit for about an hour but then gets quite fed up with the whole thing.  We think his little coat suits him!

Chataigne Tucks In and Chatters to George

Chataigne has been chatting to a little piggy called George who is staying with us for a few days.  He was neutered in the week and we are taking care of him until he recovers.  Here they both are scoffing their tea and on the menu this evening amongst other things were grapes and parsley which seemed to go down a treat.