Thursday, 28 June 2012

Little Luna

This is the loveable little Luna, who has been with us for the last week. She is one of the smaller rabbits we have had to stay recently and has become quite friendly during her time here. 
She is an area of the garden where we are constantly going by and so she receives a lot of attention from everyone.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ratties Pea Fishing

We were told by the ratties owners that they enjoyed pea fishing and there are a few sort clips of the rats fishing for their peas and as you can see they are very enthusiastic about it.

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Here is Dunky who has been with us for quite a long holiday this time, she goes home next week and I am sure she will be looking forward to seeing her Bunny Mom.  Dunky has been very well during her stay and although she was not keen on the windy weather we have been having she has enjoyed time out on our patio for some playtime.

Naboo & Poppy

We have two old friends back with us this week and here they are quite relaxed and settled in our bunny room.  Its almost like they seem to remember when they stayed with us before.  Naboo and Poppy stayed with us for a year and it was lovely to see them again.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Ratty Movie

We also took a very short clip of the ratties enjoying their corn and you can see how keen they are to munch it.

Lots of Tortoise

We have two tortoises staying at the moment, Lilly arrived today and was out straight away wanting to explore our hallway and kitchen.  Linford however, was more keen to relax and take rest under his sun lamp.  Both are well and happy.

Grace & Lilly

Grace & Lilly are also very settled and although a little photo shy they have managed to peek out and say hi when we took their picture.  We were greeting by lots of squeaking and up at the bars begs this morning to ask for their breakfast.  I think our two boys, Wallace and Grommit decided they had better do a bit of chirping as well in case we forgot them.  We also noticed that one of our Degu s decided she wanted to get into the photo and is posing in the background.

Harry Rolo George& Alvin Ratties

We have four ratties staying with us this week and all of them are very cute and different personalities. Harry and Rolo seem to be the Big Chiefs and this was made clear when we cooked a piece of sweetcorn and gave it to them to share.  Sharing didn't really come into it and poor George & Alvin really had to fight their corner to get any but it all went very quickly.  They all seem settled and are definitely eating well.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Vinnie update

Here is another one of Vinnie being cute. The blue step or stool is his new toy and he loves sitting on top of it, or hiding beneath it also.
He went to see Jason the vet today for the first of his vaccination jabs (myxo) but seems to have taken it all in his stride and was very well behaved. We shall see what his reaction is in a few weeks time when he goes in to be neutered!! Let's hope he is still so understanding??

Snagglepuss & Buggalugs

These two handsome chaps are Snagglepuss and Buggalugs (don't ask me which is which), who have been staying with us for nearly 3 weeks. They are very friendly and love being fussed and stroked. 
They came with a whole bunch of toys, including a tunnel and a football, which they spend most of the day playing with out in their run.
As you can see, they have some of the Lionhead breed in them, which gives them their fluffy manes which have to be brushed regularly (they brought their own brush too)!!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dexter & Willow

Dexter and Willow are with us for a few days whilst there Bunny Mom & Dad get married and we wish them all the very best for their special day.  So far the bunnies have been on their best behavior so I am sure this will continue for the duration of their stay.  Here they are in our bunny playroom.


Buttons is with us for a another week and has settled into her holiday home very well.  We gave her a double tiered hutch last time and as she has an injury to her paw this was causing her a little bit of difficulty with the ladder.  This time in a flat base hutch she is much happier and is in and out all the time when she has access to a patio area for exercise.  She is eating well and enjoys fresh dandelions and grass which we pick for her.


Here is Fluffy who is an older bun but she is very keen to be out in her run at the moment as boys are staying opposite, and she seems to be quite intrigued by them. She is eating well and settled with us.


Vinnie continues to grow in size and character and has now started the delightful habit of spraying us so we are counting the weeks down to his trip to see Uncle Jason to sort out this little problem.  Here are a couple of  "butter wouldn't melt " shots of him.

Biscuit & Ollie

For those of you who follow our blog regularly, you will remember Biscuit who we nursed last year and who was very ill with an inner ear infection.  She spent nearly a month lying down and was unable to eat and drink on her own.  With intensive nursing and careful handling she eventually managed to sit and even move around.  She has returned to us this year and is much better and is very independent.  She can eat, drink, groom and even manages to cuddle up to Ollie and uses him as a large pillow.  All this progress is of course due to the work and care given to her by her owner and to have a disabled rabbit is a very big commitment but extremely rewarding when you see how they adapt so well.


Dunky has been with us for over a week now and has relaxed totally on her holiday, she has been out on the patio having some exercise and investigating everything and we have now moved her downstairs in the lounge with us.  She was upstairs in the bunny room but sometimes single buns miss their owners more.  So now she can watch TV and chat away to Vinnie, who of course is delighted.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Linford The Tortoise

Here is Linford the tortoise, who arrived this morning. He has settled in quite quickly and was soon munching on some dandelion leaves and basking in the heat from his lamp. 
In tune with his name he does get around the enclosure at a fair pace and gets from end to the other in record time!!

Lola The Hamster

This is Lola the hamster who came to stay with us on Sunday. We have only seen fleeting glimpses of her since she arrived and these are mainly early in the morning or last thing at night. 
She loves to burrow into her shavings at the bottom of her cage and usually buries her food in them as well, and although we have a picture of her in her wheel, she does not use it that much. Her favourite pastime is to hang upside down from the bars at the top of her cage using only her front paws and teeth!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Helen & Jaffa babies

More baby buns and these two are just 11 weeks old and very cute.

Boris & Rufus

Two rather large piggies staying with us but large and cute of course!