Friday, 25 December 2009

Marv & Lucky at breakfast

These two really look forward to meal times and this is one of those occasions. They are tucking in to their kale and have carrot for afters.
They are spending quite a lot of time out in the run and are very friendly at cleaning out time, when Lucky especially likes to make sure we are doing a proper job.

Present opening time!!

Here are Fern and Donny opening their Xmas present. They are very pleased with the wicker balls and treats they received from their owners Leanne and Neil. They had an even greater time playing with the paper, but isn't that just the way??

Poppy & Woody's Xmas Lunch

This is Poppy and Woody enjoying kale, sprouts and carrot for Xmas lunch. As you can see they have decided to dine separately and Poppy seems to have the lions share, but rest assured they did share it out equally amongst themselves.
They have been spending most of the days out on the patio and don't seem to mind the cold at all, even though the door to their hutch is always open and they could go in at any time.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Xmas

Sharon and Chris would like to wish all our clients a Very Merry Xmas and an Extremely Happy New Year.

Suzy & Smudge + Lola & Henry

These four came to us on Tuesday evening and are housed in one of our bedrooms. It took a while for them all to settle in but they are now all doing well.
We are very pleased to see Lola doing so well after she was so ill earlier in the year, but after watching her racing around, she seems back to her old self.
Both couples love to have fun and are very playful.

Lily & Primrose Degu

Just an update on our friends degus Lily and Primrose. They are doing fine and are enjoying their stay with us. They spent yesterday re-arranging their bed area and it now seems how they want it.
They also had 'nutty', which was fine but very noisy as they insisted running on their wheel while carrying the nut in their mouth.


We have quite a few guests staying over the Christmas Holiday and one particular little bun, is very sweet and quite funny. Yes his name is Mouse and although he is 7, he is very active and loves to play with his hanging ball in his cage. Yesterday he had some time playing in our kitchen area and really enjoyed his adventures.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Ice and Frost

Just to let worried owners know that during the frosty and sub-zero conditions that we are experiencing at the moment, we have moved all outside rabbits to the inside of our main shed or into the garage area.
Both of these areas are served by heaters, and although the temperature is not high, it is kept above freezing.
Although rabbits can cope with cold conditions quite well we feel that they should not have to endure minus degrees of cold.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Barley & Seymour

This is Barley and Seymour, who we are fostering until they can go to their 'Forever Home' in January. Their new owners will be ready for them then and we are sure they will be a great addition to the family.
We let them out for a free run in the garden every morning and they are really great to watch. They run, jump and skip all over the place and are very nosy, all in the name of fun.
Barley (on the left) will come to us and likes to be scratched on the head, but Seymour is a bit more nervous and usually keeps to himself. They are living outside, but as with the other outside rabbits, don't seem to mind the cold spell we are having with the weather, as long as we provide them with plenty of hay.

Woody and Poppy

Here are Woody and Poppy out playing on the patio. They are both giant rabbits and Woody is bigger than most. He is a cross between a Continental Giant and a French Lop, and this makes him big in stature but shorter in length. Poppy is a pure Giant and so is longer in the body than Woody.
They are both very gentle rabbits and very easy to get on with. They are very friendly and are always looking for attention. They don't seem to have been fazed by the cold snap in the weather and still spend nearly all day out on the patio.

Marv & Lucky

This is Marv and Lucky. Marv is the Harlequin and had hurt his foot before his owners left him with us. We have been continuing giving him his medication and he seems to be fine. He was quite timid at first, but has gained in confidence every day, and both he and Lucky are now very inquisitive when we are cleaning them out.
They are outside rabbits and have been using the run attached to their hutch every day, despite the cold weather conditions. They don't seem to mind as long as they have plenty of hay in their bed and box to keep them well fed and warm.

More Fudge

Here is Fudge out playing with her tunnel. She really enjoys her time out of her indoor pen and covers every inch of the bedroom floor. She comes out every evening for at least 3 hours, and she lets us know she is ready by rattling her cage to remind us.

Thursday, 10 December 2009


This is Fudge who is a female rabbit who has come to stay with us for 3 weeks whilst her owners are away on holiday. She is very lively and we have let her have a free run in the upstairs bedroom, which she seems to enjoy. She is very friendly and loves having her head and nose rubbed.

Sunday, 22 November 2009


Chataigne came to stay with us Friday and is enjoying having lots of attention. She has recently had an abscess on her back which is now healing up. It doesn't seem to worry her and she seems quite happy.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Resting Valentino!

This is another one of our boy Valentino. He has found a new place and position to relax, under the coffee table.
Of course with all those papers and magazines under there the invitation to chew something is sometimes too hard to resist.

Fluffy and Floppy

Here are Fluffy and Floppy, two Netherland Dwarf rabbits who arrived yesterday. They are indoor rabbits and very cute.
Fluffy is the white female and has very poor eyesight but seems to cope very well, ably assisted by her partner Floppy, who looks after her and makes sure she doesn't get into any trouble.

Toto and Cottontail

Yesterday saw the arrival of Toto and Cottontail, two black male rabbits that have to live separately. They are only here for a long weekend and we have them housed in two Thistle Hall hutches outside on the patio and both seem well settled despite the appalling weather we have experienced. We have given them plenty of hay, which they both love, and this provides some warmth and good eating too.

Wet and Windy!!

No, not the names of rabbits but a comment on the weather over last night and this morning. This has meant no outside play for any of the rabbits this morning, but we hope the skies will clear soon and the wind will drop so that playtime can resume.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Nearly Xmas?

Hi all,
We are boarder free after yesterday and the departure of Donny and Fern and Minnie and Honeysuckle. Our next major group of arrivals are in the lead up to Xmas, and this gives us some time to have a bit of a tidy up and do a few repairs before then.
We were not helped this week by the wind and rain as our large green awning was blown down early on Sunday and we have decided to leave it down for now.
As far as Xmas is concerned we have already taken quite a few bookings which are mainly indoor rabbits and guinea pigs. We still have room for outdoor boarders and advise anyone thinking of going away at Xmas to book as soon as possible so as to not be disappointed.

Saturday, 31 October 2009


Dusty (Jasper's little wifey) has now come indoors so that we can make sure she is ok and not lonely. She seems very quiet at the moment and we have given her a cuddly toy which sometimes helps. She has been washing it. Our plan is to find her another friend and hopefully in time she will accept a new partner. Rabbits do tend to bond for life and do not always re bond but its is always worth trying as sometime rabbits do display symptoms of stress and can even get depressed. We thought we would show you a picture of her with Jasper as well as a current photo.

Donny & Fern

Donny & Fern are two beautiful little Dutch rabbits who have come to stay with us for the weekend whilst their owners are off down to Cornwall to see their family. The bunnies used to go with them but its now easier to drop them off with us and also saves them the stress of the journey. Both rabbits are indoor buns and we have now set up one of our bedrooms as an area for indoor bunnies so means if a rabbit comes to board on its own they will always have some company.

Timmy Gin

Timmy Gin has been back staying with us this week and looks very well, he has lost a little bit of weight and seems to completely got over his problem with his nose. However, Timmy has been told by his vet not to eat hay as pieces keep getting stuck up his nose which causes an infection. As with rabbits its its very important for guinea pigs to chew hay as this naturally keeps their teeth from over-growing and therefore we have given him some dried grass with dandelions and marigold which he seems to love. Timmy goes home tomorrow and I am sure he is looking forward to seeing his family.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Bigwig is Back

Yes that fabulous rabbit we all love is back this
week and he is even bigger but such a beautiful and friendly boy. We love having him and everyone that comes to drop off their bunnies cant help but notice him. Think we will have to start charging for cuddles.


Jemima went home yesterday, all the way back to Leeds! Yes we had the pleasure of taking care of her whilst her owners were away in America. Jemima had EC and needed special care. Our services were required and hence the reason for the long trip to Gloucestershire. We are pleased to say she went home feeling much better and we look forward to hearing how she is doing.

Sammy & Mindy

Sammy & Mindy are two foster bunnies who are currently being well cared for by Jack's owners and have been enjoying time out in their garden. Both bunnies have been back with us this week for a short break and seem to have settled although I am sure they are missing the green grass in Thornbury.


Jack is staying with us this week and seems quite settled but we think he is mssing his friend Tilly who sadly died a short while ago. He has made friends with Sammy & Mindy who are being fostered by his owners, Chris & Sally but Sammy is not that happy about it all. We are trying to give Jack lots of fuss to ensure he does not get too lonely.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


This post is to apologise to anyone who has logged in over the last week expecting an update regarding their rabbit or guinea pig. We have been very busy over this period and have had quite a few sick bunnies in the house. This has entailed giving medication, syringe feeding and extra care. Whilst we do charge extra for this type of service it is very time consuming and so our days have been very full to say the least.

In addition to the boarders who have come in unwell and have required the above attention we have also had one of our own rabbits (Jasper) been unwell, and unfortunately he lost his battle and went to the Rainbow Bridge at 11.30pm on Tuesday 27th. This was quite a shock as he was only 4 years old and had only been unwell for a few days. Both ourselves and his little wifey Dusty, will miss him greatly.

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Parker, our long staying guest has been into the animal hospital today for a dental and he has had a couple of spurs removed which were causing him discomfort. We have received a call from the vet advising that the operation was a success and Parker will be coming home tomorrow.

Woody and Poppy

Woody & Poppy went home last night bonded and happy and we are pleased that Poppy has found a new love and it only took a few days rather than a couple of weeks. Here are the bunnies sat quite happily and we have had reports from their owner Sam, that both are home, and very settled and enjoying each others company.


Little Boris has been very good during his stay with us and here he is enjoying his carrot tops. He is quite particular and only likes the carrot tops and is not very interested in the carrot. He is due to go home on Sunday and I am sure he is looking forward to seeing his Bunny Mom and Dad.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Woody and Poppy

This is Woody and Poppy, two of our larger residents. Poppy is the Papillon female who recently lost her previous partner, Peanut, and is a Continental Giant Rabbit. Woody is an agouti Continental/French cross. They have been with us over the last few days with the idea of bonding them together. They are both very gentle natured and are already quite comfortable in each others company, and we hope that they will become a couple over the next couple of days.
To give an idea of their size, Poppy is 5.5kg and Woody is 6.2kg, and he is only a year old!!

Beware Boris!

Just the sign we put on the kitchen door when Boris is having a run out on the floor. Since taking his new medication (Metacam), he has been much more active and loves to have a run around in the kitchen. He is doing really well and we have him in the lounge for a cuddle every evening which he seems to enjoy.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Valentino Relax Time

Valentino has now taken to insisting that he comes out in the lounge in the evenings and will dash around like a mad fool for 10 minutes then he will jump upon the sofa and jump all over us, giving face washes and nose nudges. Following this little routine he then settles down in front of the fire for a bit of relaxation time.


We could not help photographing this little boy again as whatever he does is super cute. Here he is enjoying his carrot tops for tea and earlier when we let him out to play in the kitchen he managed to negotiate his way through the dining room into the lounge to say hello to two of our house rabbits. I don't think he was bothered by their size (Valentino being 10lbs and Florence nearly 5 lbs) just intrigued that there were other bunnies in the household.

Babs & Trigger Mug Shots

Few more pics of the duo, munching their tea.

Babs & Trigger

Weather not so good today but our friends who are residing in our third bedroom had a run out on the patio whilst we cleaned their room. I think they were pleased to get back in and tuck into their tea of spring greens, carrot tops and celery, along with a few bits of rocket and spinach. Trigger was quite clever and managed to stay perfectly dry by taking shelter in the dog kennel on the patio but Babs was not so clever and managed to get soaking wet. Looks like Trig will have his work cut out tonight giving her a big wash.

Monday, 5 October 2009


Boris came to stay with us yesterday for two weeks and is a very sweet little house bunny. He loves his cuddles and will lie on my lap for ages having his ears and neck stroked. Boris has enjoyed time playing in our kitchen today with his toys and tunnel and to prevent him slipping we gave him an old sheet which he seemed to like lying on. Boris has previously suffered from EC and this has left him with a little tilted head but we think this makes him look extra specially cute as you can see from the pic. He wanted us to pass a message on to his Bunny Mom to say he is having a good time but misses her lots.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Valentino Glamour Shots

Just in case you have nt seen enough of him!

Valentino Goes Techno

Valentino decided to get involved with the Blog updates today as he seems to get involved in pretty much everything in the household activities. He is now five month old and although he has periods of being very active he gets tired quickly and has to have morning, afternoon and evening naps. You will see from the pictures he could nt decide which was his best side so we to post all the photos. He is a very friendly rabbit and has already become totally bonded with us both and follows us around constantly.


Hi, my name is Guinness and I was handed in to the local vets practice after being found. Some enquiries have been made to home me as I am a very friendly chap and I look forward to finding a new and loving home.

Daisy and Alfie

This is Daisy and Alfie, who came to us yesterday for a short stay until Tuesday.
They are both very friendly rabbits who were recently re-homed through Windwhistle Warren Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue Centre.


Here is Parker relaxing outside in his run. He has been with us for quite some time now but has seemed quite happy playing with his red stool and tunnel.
Sadly Parker lost his long time friend Harvey at the beginning of September. Harvey was our oldest boarder at 13years and seven months and will be greatly missed.

Trigger and Babs

Yesterday saw the arrival of Trigger and Babs, who are old friends and have stayed with us on numerous occasions. They are indoor rabbits and have the third bedroom all to themselves, laid out with an indoor pen with a playpen area attached.
Both have settled in well are with us for the next week.